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“In order to make your professional life better, you shouldn’t ruin your personal life.” – Mr. Manish Sharma.

Nowadays, every single person wants to enter the business world and achieve their goals. You can see the fast-baced environment easily in metropolises where the entire population is running after fame, success, and money.

But in order to achieve your goals, somewhere your personal life gets badly affected.
According to Mr. Manish Sharma, the founder of Yamasha Venture Limited, “the bridge between your personal and professional life is called your ability.” No matter how big or successful a businessman you are but if there’s no balance between your personal and professional life, then the success is wasted totally.”

Mr. Sharma gives the example of the COVID crisis, Because of the pandemic, everyone has learned that life is unpredictable and there’s no guarantee as to how long a person is going to live so thinking about your future is a good thing, but the fact is that you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, so you also have to keep that in mind and live your life.

In 2022 life will be more stressful and the pressure level is really high in every aspect but to make life worth living a person has to understand that there should be few things that can bring back the spice in life.
There should be some things that can make you feel alive. For example, your hobbies or just spending some time with someone special or some friends can lift up your mood no matter how your day wasdowntown.

Mr. Sharma himself spends his free time or makes some time to spend with his family, and friends, playing polo, or relaxing after his busy schedule. He strongly believes that we should leave every tension, every issue, and every pain of the professional life in the professional life and move ahead with our personal life for better mental health and peaceful living.

Mr. Sharma is currently handling Vlive India private limited and Yamasha venture limited as a founder and also directly or indirectly helping more than a dozen startups in their success journey. But he not only gives mentorship to entrepreneurs about the business world but also he sets an example of how a businessman should balance his professional and personal life without disturbing any of them.

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