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India Ranks 93rd in Global Corruption Index: A Look at the Most and Least Corrupt Nations.

Transparency International recently released its 2023 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), shedding light on the state of corruption across the world. The report revealed that the majority of countries have made little to no progress in addressing public sector corruption, with over two-thirds of the 180 ranked countries scoring below 50 on the scale, indicating a prevalence of corruption. The CPI evaluates nations based on their perceived levels of public sector corruption, ranging from zero (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean).

Least Corrupt Countries:

  • Denmark secured the top position on the index for the sixth consecutive year with a score of 90, attributed to its well-functioning justice systems.
  • Following closely, Finland and New Zealand hold the second and third positions with scores of 87 and 85, respectively.
  • The top 10 countries on the index also include Norway (84), Singapore (83), Sweden (82), Switzerland (82), the Netherlands (79), Germany (78), and Luxembourg (78).

Most Corrupt Countries:

  • The bottom spots in the index are occupied by Somalia (11), Venezuela (13), Syria (13), South Sudan (13), and Yemen (16), all of which are affected by protracted crises, primarily armed conflicts.
  • Nicaragua (17), North Korea (17), Haiti (17), Equatorial Guinea (17), Turkmenistan (18), and Libya (18) are the subsequent lowest performers on the index.

Countries with Declines and Improvements:

  • The CPI scores of 12 countries have notably decreased since 2018, including nations of various income levels such as El Salvador (31), Honduras (23), Liberia (25), Myanmar (20), Nicaragua (17), Sri Lanka (34), and Venezuela (13). Additionally, upper-middle and high-income economies such as Argentina (37), Austria (71), Poland (54), Turkey (34), and the United Kingdom (71) have also experienced a decline in their CPI scores.
  • On the other hand, eight countries witnessed improvements in their Corruption Perceptions Index scores, including Ireland (77), South Korea (63), Armenia (47), Vietnam (41), the Maldives (39), Moldova (42), Angola (33), and Uzbekistan (33).

India’s Position:

  • In the CPI, India secured the 93rd position with a score of 39, indicating a relatively stable performance compared to the previous year. India’s overall score remained unchanged from 2022, where it secured the 85th position.
  • Among India’s neighbors, Afghanistan and Myanmar scored 20, China scored 42, Japan scored 73, and Bangladesh scored 24.

The report also highlighted the challenges faced by countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and others due to their respective debt burdens and ensuing political instability. The connection between access to justice and corruption was emphasized, with both authoritarian regimes and democratic leaders contributing to increasing impunity for corruption.

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