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Mindy Kaling’s Legs are So Toned in Pictures From the ‘Velma’ Con Event.

Mindy Kaling is an icon for many reasons, but you can now be able to add “the voice of the most loved LBTQ character (and an amusing one, too)” to the list of reasons.

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Yes, Mindy was just announced as the voice of the adored animated character Velma Dinkley in the upcoming HBO Max series, Velma. It’s been an exciting week for the sweater-loving smarty pants too as a new film, Trick or Treat Scooby Doo! Finally, Mindy lets everyone know the character’s large love for Costume designer Coco Diablo.

Sure, Mindy, 43, promotes her show in style, wearing a dress with the Orange (perhaps an inspiration from the movie character?) and a miniskirt in purple. As she answered the questions she was difficult not to be struck by how powerful and toned her legs were.

In April, Mindy spoke to SELF that she’s “healthiest I’ve ever been” and it certainly appears that she’s glowing. Mindy’s renewed interest in fitness (she has made it clear that in the past she didn’t like exercising) has transformed Mindy “funnier and more focused, and calm.”

“In the 20s of my life, I believed exercising was only beneficial in the case of extreme punishment that you hated, and was isolated. You had to appear like a certain way after you did something,” she said. She also learned that “[exerciseisn’t required to be something that requires I was in a sedentary state for the entire day, and then had an hour of energy.”

Today, Mindy will walk while calling frequently walking as much as four miles per day. This is remarkable, particularly for a busy mother of two. Mindy is also able to mix her workouts with other activities like exercising, running yoga, yoga, and group fitness to ensure it doesn’t become “monotonous,” she said.

Her most frequent activity, she explained to Shape her, is to run 3-4 miles couple of times per week.

In terms of her diet is concerned, Mindy is quite flexible. Mindy has said to Women’s Health she eats “everything,” adding, “I believe I’m the only one living in L.A. who doesn’t have any restriction on diet.” This could mean eating eggs and a green smoothie for breakfast, sushi for lunch or turkey sandwiches for lunch, or sushi or pizza for dinner. Yum!

“I always enjoy dessert. It’s almost a requirement,” Mindy says. “Between the things that people who come to my home bring, I’m sure there are always small treats and sweets to share.”

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