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Mr. Manish Sharma is going to make a mark high in the sky with Vjet.

A big surprise is taking it’s shape for private aircraft owners and those who often fly in them on the outskirts of Jaipur, Rajasthan.
As per aviation regulatory DGCA, the 95 non-scheduled operator permit holders in India had a fleet of 330 charter aircraft as of April 2022.

In India, mostly a few Bollywood celebrities, business magnets and members of royal families have the privilege to get their own private aircrafts. But often the elite class faces lots of difficulties regarding the parking of these beautiful monsters, maintenance, fuel refill and much more.

To cut off these situations, Mr. Manish Sharma from Jaipur came up with a solution.
V-jet is going to set up a place for these private jets; where the owners can get parking space, maintenance, fuel fill-up and booking for any special occasion. The place is going to be at Jaipur- Delhi national highway, near Manoharpur toll booth.

The entire project is going to take place in association with the one and only Honda motor co., Limited which is a well known Japanese public multinational conglomerate manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and power equipment; having it’s headquarter in Minato, Tokyo.
According to the founder of V-jet; Mr. Manish Sharma “to tie the knot with one of the biggest companies worldwide is a privilege and Honda is no doubt has one of the best working systems globally. we wanted a one stop solution for the elite people who have their own private planes and facing issues. This is going to be Jaipur’s first one stop solution place for private jet owners.”

Mr. Manish Sharma is a well known business magnet from Jaipur only. He has been running lots of companies successfully since 2016 and a few of them are Vlive India Pvt. Ltd.,Yamasha Venture Ltd.,startup pro, Vlive plus and Vlive media etc.
As per Mr. Sharma, his most successful and his near and dear venture will always be his first company which is Vlive India Pvt. Ltd. The company has been serving for more than 5 years and for sure is a well known name in the electronics manufacturing and trading industry.

As per the sources this is going to be India’s first one stop solution for private jet owners where they can get solution of each and every problem related to the aircraft or the flight. This would not only be for domestic but also for international flights and the processing time and informing period also will be minimal.
In case of emergency this is going to play a big role for sure and definitely this can prevent a lot of misfortune events.

As per the sources; the construction has been already started for the monster project and it will take around 3 to 4 months for the project to be completed and start it’s services but of course the surprise is worth waiting.
Vjet is going to be a definite hit in the aviation industry and such a big relieve to the elite people. The project will be having all the legal and ethical acceptance because the idea behind it is not only to provide service to the elite class but also refraining misfortune situations.

So fingers are crossed for the next 3-4 months and we hope that the tie up between Honda and Vjet is going to shake the world and we will see some more upcoming big projects like this in near future.

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