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Musk Deposition Delayed in Twitter Suit , as Buyout Plans Move Ahead

(Bloomberg) – Elon Musk and Twitter Inc. have agreed to delay the billionaire’s long-awaited testimony in the suit filed by the company that aims at compel Musk to sign the $44 billion buyout according to sources familiar with the subject.

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Musk changed his mind earlier this week, and has pledged to finalizing the $54.20-per-share deal for the social media platform under the initial conditions. Although the agreement could take months to conclude however, the trial date of October. 17 is nearly certain to be delayed.

The two sides agreed on Wednesday to postpone the deposition, which was scheduled for Thursday at Austin, Texas, while lawyers attempt to determine the best way for settling the lawsuit According to people who refused to identify themselves in connection with the matter in a private manner.

In the meantime, banks and other investors are examining the initial $12.5 billion debt-financing deal. The lenders are headed by Morgan Stanley. The other investors comprise Oracle Corp. Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison.

Prior to returning the original deal Musk’s representatives had talks with Twitter regarding lowering the cost of the deal, people who are familiar with negotiations said to Bloomberg News. Musk was looking for an increase of 30% and has also recently pondered the possibility of a discount of 10% however, the talks failed to result in a deal according to according to the New York Times reported, citing sources who were not identified.

Delaware Chancery Judge Kathaleen St. J. McCormick said Wednesday that as no side has asked to put the case on hold and she’s pushing ahead with the trial that is scheduled to begin in the near future. In a Securities filing in the last week Musk said he would go ahead with the deal in the event that Twitter’s lawsuit was placed on hold.

Twitter did not respond immediately to a request for comments following normal business hours regarding the deposition’s delay.

Musk was absent on different depositions in the matter. Musk canceled the September. 28 meeting to address questions regarding Covid-19 issues according to court documents. He also requested that the deposition be held at Texas rather than Delaware.

Musk has retracted his plans for a Twitter purchase earlier in the year, saying that the company did not address his concerns and investors regarding the sheer number of bot accounts that boost advertising revenues. Twitter responded that the worries were just a reason to Musk when he began to feel buyers’ remorse.

The past has seen Musk as the CEO of electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc. — has been a bit belligerent during the pre-trial phase in other court cases focusing on his deals-making efforts.

In a deposition relating to a suit filed by Tesla shareholders over Musk’s purchase of the renewal power company SolarCity the billionaire slammed shareholder lawyers who claimed that the deal was fraught with conflicts.

“To to bailout SolarCity was beneficial for the world You’re saying?” investors’ attorney Randy Baron asked in a pre-trial inquiry.

“Advancing solar technology is extremely beneficial for the planet,” Musk shot back. “Do you think only about money? What’s the purpose of your the world?” Musk’s deposition testimony was used in the 2021 trial in the SolarCity dispute.

In his cross-examination during trial, Musk told a Delaware judge that he didn’t like Baron whom he believed to be “a poor individual” who was a specialist in asking shady questions. The judge eventually ruled in favor of Musk in the matter.

The case involving the Twitter buyout is Twitter v. Musk, 22-0613, Delaware Chancery Court (Wilmington).

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