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OnePlus Nord Earphones arrives in India at INR799


OnePlus has delivered on its promises with the launch of its OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones in India. They are priced at INR 799 and are wired models built of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z offering better audio quality. We’ll go over the wired earphones which are available to test.

OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones Pricing and Availability in India

The OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones in India equipped with an IPX4 rating come with an 799 Indian rupees ($10) to compete against the such brands as JBL, Sony, Noise, Sennheiser, boAt among other brands. You can purchase the Nord Wireless Earphones beginning September 1st through the OnePlus India online store.

OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones Specifications & Features.

OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones are available with stunning 9.2mm high-performance drivers. They also have an audio cavity of 0.42cc which together give it higher audio quality. The earphones have an 3.5mm connector, so it is easy to pair up with any device, that you want to connect, from phones to laptops and other.

It is the OnePlus Nord Wired Earphones are designed with comfort as a top priority to ensure that you can listen to all the music you want without put stress on your headphones. Additionally, you get three sets of silicone tips in various sizes that provide the ability to block out noise. There are media buttons that can be used using an online microphone, for you to make calls effortlessly. The magnets on both ends of your earphones are able to snap together when they are not being used.

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