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Padma Awards 2024: Honoring Unsung Heroes.

The Padma Awards 2024 have recognized 34 unsung heroes for their outstanding work in various fields, including healthcare, social work, and climate change. These individuals have made significant contributions to their communities and have been honored with the prestigious Padma Shri award.

First Female Mahout and Divyang Social Worker

Among the 34 unsung heroes, the first female mahout, Parbati Baruah, has been awarded for her contributions to social work and animal welfare. Gurvinder Singh, a divyang social worker from Sirsa, has also been recognized for his dedication to serving the destitute, women, and children.

Tribal and Environmental Activists

Chami Murmu, a tribal activist from Jharkhand, has been honored for her work in social work and environment. Dukhu Majhi, another environmental activist, has also been awarded for his efforts in preserving the environment.

Agriculture and Traditional Practitioners

Sathyanarayana Beleri, a rice farmer from Karnataka, has been recognized for preserving over 650 varieties of traditional rice. K Chellammal, an organic farmer, and Somanna, a tribal welfare worker, have also been awarded for their contributions to agriculture and social work.

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Artists and Craftsmen

The list of unsung heroes includes various artists and craftsmen, such as Uma Maheshwari D, a first female Harikatha exponent, and Gopinath Swain, a leela singer from Ganjam. Jordan Lepcha, a bamboo craftsman from Mangan, and Nepal Chandra Sutradhar, a Chhau mask maker, have also been honored for their work.

Social Workers and Activists

Valli Oyil Kummi, a folk dance exponent from Coimbatore, and Bhagabat Padhan, a Sabda Nrutya folk dancer from Bargarh, have been awarded for their contributions to social work. Gaddam Sammaiah, an eminent Chindu Yakshaganam theatre artist from Jangaon, and Jankilal, a Behrupiya artiste from Bhilwara, have also been recognized for their work.

These unsung heroes have made a significant impact on their communities and have been honored for their dedication and hard work. The Padma Awards 2024 have highlighted their achievements and recognized their contributions to various fields.

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