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PM inaugurated new Ayodhya airport before inauguration of Ram temple.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated the new Ayodhya Airport after a road show and unveiled the revamped Ayodhya Railway Station.

Later, the Prime Minister will also lay the foundation of the development plan for Uttar Pradesh. People gathered in large numbers on the way from the airport to the railway station to greet the Prime Minister. Modi greeted people in his car and at one point opened his car door to greet them. People distributed flower petals and raised words to thank him.

The Prime Minister also attended a performance by cultural groups on the road. Apart from the inauguration, Prime Minister Modi announced the launch of the new Amrit Bharat and Vande Bharat trains.
 said that the new Ayodhya airport will be named after poet Maharishi Valmiki and will be called ‘Maharishi Valmiki Ayodhya Dham International Airport’. In a statement, the Office of the President said, “The first phase of the modern airport is being opened at a cost of more than Rs 1,450. The airport will have an area of ​​6,500 sqm, equipped to accommodate 10 lakh passengers every year.”

“The edifice
 facade symbolizes the upcoming temple architecture of the Shri Ram Mandir of Ayodhya. The room is decorated with local art, paintings and drawings depicting the life of Bhagwan Shri Ram.

Ayodhya Airport
 also has various supporting features such as roof coverings, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, landscaping with fountains, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, and water treatment plants. waste water, solar power plants and many other similar things. Meet GRIHA – 5 star rating.

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