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Political Turmoil Unfolds in the Maldives as Impeachment Proceedings Loom Over President Muizzu.

Attorney General Files Case with Supreme Court Regarding Amendment Allowing Impeachment, While Opposition Gathers Support for Motion

The Maldives is currently embroiled in political upheaval as the attorney general’s office has taken the unprecedented step of filing a case with the Supreme Court concerning a recent amendment to the parliament’s standing orders. This amendment enables opposition lawmakers to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Mohamed Muizzu. The move comes amidst escalating tensions and power struggles within the Maldivian political landscape.

Legal Action and Opposition’s Impeachment Motion

Attorney General Ahmed Usham confirmed the registration of the case on Sunday, signaling a significant development in the ongoing political crisis. However, the Supreme Court has yet to formally acknowledge the filing.

In a parallel development, a member of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) revealed on Monday that the party has garnered sufficient signatures for an impeachment motion, although the motion has not been formally submitted.

Amendment and Impeachment Implications

The amendment to the standing orders, enacted by the MDP, effectively reduces the total number of Members of Parliament to 80, down from 87, by not considering vacated seats when determining the total number of MPs. This alteration decreases the required votes for the impeachment of President Mohamed Muizzu from 58 to 54, posing a significant challenge to the president’s tenure.

President Muizzu’s Vulnerability and Opposition’s Majority

President Muizzu, who secured the presidency with 54% of the popular vote, now faces a tangible risk of removal due to the ruling coalition’s lack of majority in parliament. The impeachment process necessitates a two-thirds majority from the 80-seat House for its passage.

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The Maldivian Parliament comprises 80 members, with the MDP holding 45 seats and the opposition Democrats (DEM) having 13 members. The ruling coalition of PPM-PNC, on the other hand, consists of the Progressive Party of the Maldives with 2 members and the People’s National Congress with 13 members. Additionally, there are three independents, and the Jumhooree Party and the Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) each have two.

Recent Developments and Political Alliances

In a significant turn of events, the MDP and the opposition Democrats announced an alliance to collectively “hold the government accountable” in Parliament. Together, they command 56 MPs, with 43 from the MDP and 13 from the Democrats, providing them with the authority to initiate the impeachment process against President Muizzu if they opt to do so.

Amidst the political turmoil, the Maldives Parliament recently witnessed violence as government MPs from the PPM/PNC party clashed with the opposition during a crucial vote on parliamentary approval for the Muizzu government. The MDP, holding the highest number of members in parliament, denied approval to several ministers, leading to a contentious and tumultuous parliamentary session.

In a dramatic turn of events, President Muizzu reinstated all the ministers by the evening, overturning the parliament’s decision, a move that has sparked further controversy and intensified the political standoff.

The chief advisor to President Muizzu and PNC chairperson, Abdul Raheem Abdullah, defended the reappointment of the ministers, criticizing the refusal to approve them as irresponsible and asserting their right to be reinstated even without parliamentary authorization.

The unfolding political crisis in the Maldives has captured international attention, with the future of President Muizzu’s presidency hanging in the balance amidst a deeply polarized and tumultuous political landscape.

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