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Samsung Cashback Claim Offer credit card with 10% cashback.

His story will make you smile if you’re a dedicated Samsung fan. It appears that Samsung has joined forces in partnership with Axis Bank to offer up to 10% cashback on each purchase made with the Samsung Axis Bank Credit Card.

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You heard that right. Samsung will launch two different credit cards with different levels that allow you to enjoy cashback on purchases of Samsung products, including a 1% discount on fuel surcharges, access to lounges at airports and more. I’ll be covering it in this report.

Samsung announces Axis Bank Credit Card for Samsung Cashback Claim Offer and much more.

Samsung India has partnered with Axis Bank to offer two types of credit cards. There is a possibility of getting an up to 10% discount on each purchase of any Samsung product, be it an appliance, a refrigerator or a television.

There’s no limit on the items you can buy, but there is a monthly and annual cashback limit that we’ll get to in the next few minutes.

The cashback can be used for both EMI as well as non-EMI transactions. However, they are available through selected channels only. Other than that, the cashback is available within 60 days of the purchase date.

Samsung Axis Bank Signature Credit Card With Samsung Cashback Claim Offer

In terms of the benefits that you can enjoy when you purchase your Signature Credit Card, there’s the stated 10% Samsung Cashback Claim Offer upon purchases of any product or service offered by Samsung.

There are 5 EDGE reward points for international and domestic transactions. There is the option of 10 EDGE reward points for select partners with a one per cent fuel surcharge exemption and four domestic airport lounge accesses.

The reward mentioned above points is awarded for each INR 100 that you spend with this card.

Samsung Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card With Samsung Cashback Claim Offer.

When you use the Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card, You receive an identical 10% in cash back on purchases and five reward points for EDGE for domestic transactions.

You can earn 15 EDGE reward points for international transactions and specific partners. Additionally, we offer a 1% fuel surcharge waiver and eight international and domestic airport lounge accesses when you purchase the subscription.

The reward points mentioned above are awarded for each INR 100 spent using the credit card.

Cashback is an available maximum of INR 2,500/month and INR 10,000/- annually through this credit card tier. Be aware that five EDGE rewards points are equivalent to o

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