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The Festival of Lights returns to illuminate Pokemon Go’s Season of Light.

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Pokemon Go will be hosting its Festival of Lights event again to serve as a mid-stage between October.

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The festival will be brief and will begin on the 14th of October However, there are plenty of rewards and Pokemon to take pleasure in as we head toward the close of October and the main Halloween celebration. This festival’s Festival of Lights, Morelull, and Shiinotic will make the Pokemon Go debut.

Morell is the first type of the two Pokemon and is the Pokemon that you’ll see out in the wild during the game. If you can catch enough Morelull to get 50 Morelull Candy You can change into Shiinotic. They are both Grass or Fairy types of Pokemon that offer lots of possibilities to use against other players.

Together with Morell on the open, one could anticipate seeing Pikachu, Vulpix, Magnemite, Chinchou, Litwick, Litleo, Helioptile, and Dedenne. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough, they’ll encounter a Galarian Ponyta or Togedemaru.

When they are walking around with incense, you have the possibility of meeting the Alolan Geodude, Blitzle, Darumaka Litwick, Dedenne, or Morell. There is a chance player will discover Galarian Poyta, or Galarian Darumaka using this method.

Galatian Ponyta, Darumaka, Dedenne Darumaka, Dedenne, and Morelull are available in one-star raids, provided they appear in the player’s home area. For three-star raids, we have Alolan Raichu and Galarian Weezing Mawile, and Hisuian breviary. Also, in the five-star raids, Xerneas is available with a good chance that you’ll get the shiny model of this Pokemon.

Festival of Lights 2022 Festival of Lights 2022 event runs between October 14 and 17. On October 15th, Litwick will have its Community Day event, which we strongly recommend that everyone attend to ensure that they can capture enough Litwick to transform it into Chandelure. They can instruct it on the new Ghost-type movement, Poltergeist.

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