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Top Places to Get an Excellent Wiener in Fall River on National Hot Dog Day.

July 23 marks National Hot Dog Day, the perfect excuse to indulge in America’s favorite fast food: the classic frankfurter. While hot dogs are enjoyed nationwide, certain cities and regions have mastered the art of preparing this favorite sidewalk snack. Fall River, Massachusetts is home to a variety of great hot dog joints, serving up creative and classic franks with top-notch toppings. Here are some top places to get your frankfurter fix on National Hot Dog Day and beyond in the Fall River area.

#1 Hilltop Super Save – This iconic Hilltop dive serves up affordable and delicious hot dogs in basic and “deluxe” styles. Toppings include mustard, relish, chopped onion and chili. They’ve been grilling up franks the same way since the 1950s.

#2 Pembroke Dogs – This roadside stand style restaurant serves up hot dogs with a unique regional accent. Pecan bay seasoning and cilantro lime mayo bring a Caribbean twist to typical hot dog toppings. Enjoy a view of busy Route 14 while you chow down.

#3 Bert’s Better Bar & Grill – This neighborhood tavern makes gourmet hot dogs with creative topping combinations like mac and cheese, buffalo chicken and bacon jam. There are also vegetarian options like the “Rodeo Reuben” with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese.

#4 Mac’s Sizzler – A Fall River institution for over 50 years, Mac’s offers delicious hot dogs and sausages along with the best onion rings in the city. Friendly staff, charming decor and a fun vibe make this the place to be on National Hot Dog Day.

#5 The Dog House – Fall River’s go-to destination for Chicago-style hot dogs. All the classics are here from char-grilled Vienna beef dogs to classic toppings like neon green relishpickled sport peppers and celery salt seasoning. Wash it all down with an ice cold Coke.

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