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Turbulence Ahead? American Airlines Pilots Raise Safety Concerns.

The usual glamorous life of American Airlines passengers coming into some weird and unexpected turbulence is about to be. The Allied Pilots Association (APA), which has a membership of about 15,000 pilots with American Airlines, disclosed that the safety and maintenance problems at the airline were at a “significant spike.” This piece of news is breaking following a series of major safety incidents in the airline industry recently, increasing vigilance among all the industry actors.

What are the greatest concerns of the pilots?

  • Foreign Object Danger: The realisation that tools like hammers may be left in the airplane wheel wells, this will significantly trouble takeoff and landing.
  • Ground Collisions on the Rise: A large number of near-miss accidents can happen when aircraft are being towed.
  • Equipment Mismanagement: Situations when people leave their devices inside of the plane, these can even create danger zones.
  • Documentation Deficiencies: Incomplete documentation on the aircraft that were shipped for repair process.
  • Inexperienced Ground Crew Concerns: The danger that may arise from the fact that there is a shortage of experience among ground workers in airports where there are a lot of flights.

The APA particularly stressed that safety had to be the main consideration and that no cutting of corners would be tolerated. The employees mentioned their readiness to partner with American Airlines Management to do solve these problems.

Market problems and all of the other issues that crop up in the economy.

The news about the issues generated the waves throughout the market, which made the stock price of American Airlines recede by 1.3%. This downhill trend started with a 4.3% year-to-date decrease, which may be caused by a decrease in the investor confidence.

The thoughback of the American Airlines portrays a broader trend within the industry.

  • An Alaska Airlines jet, whose paneled disassembly in middle of the flight in January.
  • A United Airlines died at sea shortly after the takeoff.
  • A United Airlines airplane veering off the runway.

This resulted in the increase of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) scrutiny over the safety practices of airlines in response to these incideants. Among the aviation sector, United Airlines has been the primary focus of a FAA review which may translate into some delayed operations. Although, Boeing, a primary developer of airliners, is getting a lot of FAA attention, mostly over its manufacturing and supervision of quality.

What to Expect Next?

The APA’s concerns raise serious questions about the state of safety within American Airlines. Both the airline and the FAA will likely be closely monitoring the situation and taking steps to address these issues. Passengers concerned about safety may want to stay informed about developments and consider contacting the airline directly with any questions.pen_spark

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