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Jingle All the Way: Unwrapping Joy with the Ultimate Netflix Christmas Watchlist 2024!

हमेशा दिसंबर की यादें ताजगी से भरी रहती हैं! क्योंकि यह Christmas के मस्तीभरे आरंभ का समय है, सजावटों और उपहारों के साथ, और मेरे पसंदीदा, मिठाइयों के साथ!

हमारी परिवारिक परंपरा के अनुसार, क्रिसमस को हम हमेशा पसंदीदा क्रिसमस फिल्मों के साथ देखते हैं, और इसलिए हम लाए हैं, आपके लिए, एक अद्वितीय नेटफ्लिक्स क्रिसमस वॉचलिस्ट। इस त्योहारी सीजन में, आप अपने परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ इसे देखने का आनंद लेने के लिए शीर्ष 10 फिल्में।

Klaus- 2019

क्लॉस को नेटफ्लिक्स पर सबसे अच्छी मॉडर्न क्रिसमस मूवी के रूप में वर्णित किया गया है। क्लॉस एक अंग्रेजी भाषा की स्पैनिश एनीमेटेड फिल्म है, जो एक द्वीप शहर में स्थित एक पोस्टमैन की कहानी है जो उत्तरी क्षेत्र में स्थित है और जो एक एकांतप्रेमी खिलौने बनाने वाले के साथ दोस्ती करता है

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Love, Actually- 2003

इस फिल्म में नौ जुड़े हुए कहानियाँ हैं, जो क्रिसमस से कुछ दिन पहले होती हैं, और हम सभी को जोड़ने वाली भावना को छूने का प्रयास करती हैं – प्रेम। इसमें शामिल किए जाने वाले कुछ पात्रों में हैं डेविड, सुंदर नवनिर्वाचित ब्रिटिश प्रधानमंत्री, जो एक युवा जूनियर स्टाफ़र के प्रति अपने आकर्षित होने का सामना करता है। साथ ही है सारा, एक ग्राफ़िक डिज़ाइनर, जिनका उसके मानसिक रूप से अस्वस्थ भाई के प्रति समर्पण उसके प्रेम जीवन को जटिल बनाता है, और हैरी, एक शादीशुदा आदमी, जो अपनी आकर्षक नई सेक्रेटरी से आकर्षित हो जाता है।

A California Christmas- 2020

This is a favorite of many on X. Joseph, a wealthy charmer, pretends to be a ranch hand to convince Callie, a farmer, to sell her family land before Christmas. An interesting detail about this one is that the couple on screen is also a couple in real life!

A California Christmas

Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery- 2022

If you’re a fan of Murderville’s spontaneous adventures, get ready for a new twist! In this mystery, Senior Detective Terry Seattle faces the challenge of unraveling the mystery behind Santa’s murder. The intriguing part? His fellow detectives, Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph, are in the same boat—they’re playing themselves, but there’s no script for them! Join this trio as they dive into the investigation, having to think on their feet and improvise every step of the way. It’s a suspenseful and entertaining journey as they work together to crack the case without a set plan.

Christmas With You- 2022

This film has gathered quite a fanbase, with some describing it as sweet and others as cute and fun. The storyline revolves around Angelina, a pop star experiencing career burnout. In search of something more fulfilling, she makes the bold decision to move to a small town. Little does she know, this change not only reignites the thrill of her work but also leads her to discover a newfound capacity for love. It’s a heartwarming journey that captivates audiences with its charm and leaves them with a sense of joy.

Happiest Season- 2020

Breaking new ground as the first LGBTQ Christmas film, this one quickly earned its status as an instant classic upon release. The story centers around Abby and Harper, an LGBTQ couple eagerly planning a holiday visit to Harper’s family. The only hiccup? Harper hasn’t revealed her true self to her parents yet. What unfolds is a delightful romantic comedy that weaves together love, comedy, and drama, making it a must-watch for audiences seeking heartwarming and entertaining storytelling.

A Christmas Prince- 2017

With a timeless appeal, this story has endured through the years. It unfolds as Amber, an undercover journalist, embarks on an overseas assignment to delve into the life of Prince Richard, destined to ascend to the throne. Join in for a captivating journey featuring a misunderstood prince, the dynamics of a royal family, and a grand tale of love. Get ready for a ride that seamlessly weaves together intrigue, romance, and the enchanting world of royalty.

Holidate- 2020

Bringing the classic “let’s make a deal” vibe, Holidate revolves around Sloane and Jackson. They strike a deal to be each other’s plus one for every holiday throughout the year, keeping things casual with no strings attached. But, as we all know, life doesn’t always stick to the plan, and that’s where the fun begins. Join Sloane and Jackson on a journey where the unexpected spices up the classic formula, making for a delightful and unpredictable story.

The Holiday Calendar- 2018

In this story, Abby, a struggling photographer, stumbles upon a unique calendar that has the uncanny ability to predict the future, including the potential for a romance in her life. Join Abby as she navigates the intriguing intersections of fate and love, bringing an element of mystery and anticipation to her journey. This tale unfolds with the promise of unexpected twists and turns, making it a captivating adventure for anyone drawn to the magic of love and destiny.

The Princess Switch- 2018

Imagine a festive Parent Trap, and you’ve got The Princess Switch—a treat for your love-loving heart. The story revolves around two women who bear a striking resemblance to each other: one is a princess, and the other, a skilled baker. In a delightful twist, they decide to switch places during the Christmas season, leading to a charming journey where love blossoms unexpectedly. Get ready for a heartwarming tale that combines the magic of the holidays with the joy of romance.

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