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Best Us Job Project Manager / Team Coordinator: Planning of Polar Ship Operations 2022.

Project manager job description:

LCDP and all others eligible
Start as soon or up to AUTUMN 2022 (preference for candidates with earlier start dates). This position could be available in CY’23.
NOAA Marine Operations runs a fleet of 15 research vessels that carry out oceanographic and atmospheric research across the globe.

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The regions of the Polar region, located above 60N, and below the 60S constitute one of the most sensitive and remote research areas MO serves. Polar operations require special preparedness, such as the use of survival equipment, cold-proofing and ice-management planning, communications that are not covered by satellite, and the creation of tools to aid captains of ships as they make daily decisions on where to conduct their business. It is essential to plan differently to ensure that our missions are successful.

MO is currently home to a well-motivated group comprised of subject matter experts which includes engineering, safety, and operations experts working to enhance the planning and implementation of our Polar operations. We need a Project Coordinator /Team Coordinator to lead meetings, keep track of activities and priorities, and ensure that we have made progress before the next round of Polar operations.

Help Marine Operations conduct safe and efficient operations by acting as the Project Manager/ Team Co-ordinator in Polar Ship Operations.

This is a part-time (~20 hours/week) assignment lasting 16-24 weeks. It can be combined with the ‘Project manager to manage Fleetwide Energy Efficiency’ opportunity for a full-time position. Contact MO for details.

Project manager roles and responsibilities

The selected candidate will begin by becoming familiar with the Polar Code requirements and MO’s current procedures. Then, they’ll be assigned project management responsibilities which include facilitating meetings as well as tracking priority projects, and so on. The selected person may also assist in the completion of particular products depending on the need (see the next section below). The selected person will create and implement a plan of action to help in the transition of projects after their term. The details of the possible actions are below.

Origination to POLAR CODE AND MO’S Actual Practices

  • Close examination of the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters
  • Briefing on polar operations the Commanding Officers (COs) who oversee projects in the polar waters.
  • Two hours of Polar Waters Training with ABS Polar Guru
  • Join members from Team Polar Water Operations ad hoc team
  • Check the “list of specifications for each ship (or help in the finalization process if it’s not yet completed)
  • PROJECT Management
  • Coordinate and facilitate team meetings and events that could be bi-weekly
  • Help to determine priority projects
  • Record actions and conclusions of every meeting
  • Find the most important procurements, such as the long-term time items
  • Aid in the creation of estimates of the cost of equipment modifications as well as other budget and documentation, as needed.
  • In collaboration with the training, the division finds sources of training as well as the requirements for minimum training.
  • Briefing the leadership team on the effects of the operational limits
  • Before departure, create an elaborate plan of action and “next steps” to ease the transfer to future coordinators
  • Assist with the completion of products As deemed necessary

Help coordinate and assist in the preparation and finalization Polar Water Operations Manual (PWOM)
Codify the diagnosis of ice packs and other tools that are relevant to be used onboard our vessels (consolidate the current practices for shipboard use)
Checklist(s) to help you prepare
Finding replacement equipment (life rafts and heated fire mains etc.)
The selected candidate may be offered the possibility of sailing on an NOAA ship if they are interested (for projects that are not Polar-related) to learn more about the ship’s system.

MO has a number of these components in progress; we need an enthusiastic Project Manager or Team Coordinator to manage and assist in bringing the project until it comes to fruition.

This job requires team-leadership abilities, time management skills, and tracking progress over many goals.

Project manager jobs What you’ll find out
Coordination of your efforts as a group is the most important task in this area.

The selected candidate will be interacting with and understanding the roles of different MO branches, as well as practice facilitation and project management while working near a busy multidisciplinary team who are driven to transform the idea into action. You will also be taught about polar operations, you will not be expected to address issues related to the subject matter.

Team leaders and meetings Project Management International Maritime Safety and Polar Code compliance Support for engineering estimations, estimates, and more. Writing for business

Who we are
You’ll work with a variety of branches or business units in Marine Operations, including Engineering, Operations, Safety, Enviro, and Directorate.

Safety Management Branch (SMB) Safety Management Branch (SMB) is an extremely small group of individuals who have maritime, safety, and occupational health expertise. Enviro Management Branch is also a small group of people who provide advice on issues related to Polar environmental impacts.

Engineering is a huge and busy company that runs all 15 vessels. They are accountable for the maintenance, repair, and enhancement of the fleet. They will implement equipment upgrades to make sure that the Polar Regions are safe.

Operations (including captains of ships as well as those who provide shoreline support) are accountable for the execution of the mission. They will depend on the capabilities of the group to ensure that our personnel is secure.

We are incredibly committed to the mariners we help and are determined to help them with their needs without burdening them with unnecessary costs.

You must not have taken any discipline within the last 12 months.

How do I apply
We’d like to know your reasons for being interested, the advantages you have as well as what goals you’d love from the experience. Write a short personal statement in response to these questions.

Include a note indicating that your supervisor has endorsed the offer as well as what it is they would like to ensure you gain from the chance. We might request a brief discussion with your supervisor before making an official offer.

Please also provide dates of availability and whether you’re interested in adding another project Manager specifics regarding energy efficiency. this is a permanent feature.

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