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What can be expected from the last public committee meeting on January 6

After months of political drama, the House Select Committee is investigating the Jan. 6 at the US Capitol held a final public event on Monday afternoon. The meeting – the tenth such panel to be televised this year – will begin at 1 p.m. It is

The most important case at hand: the committee’s decision on criminal involvement. Speaker Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., has appointed a committee to recommend criminal restitution and review enforcement options for five Republican lawmakers who have ignored warrants: Reps.

Kevin McCarthy, Andy Biggs, Jim Jordan, Scott Perry and Mo Brooks. Sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News that the committee is preparing to sue the Justice Department to indict Trump for obstruction of justice and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Another criminal charge being considered is rebellion, sources said.

Thompson said he would expect “five or six” types of referrals, meaning there could be referrals to different agencies such as the Justice Department or the House Ethics Committee.

The extent of the removal of criminals, and the people who will be targeted, will be defined on Monday as the committee is expected to issue a separate, brief report on the matter. However, any dismissal will be a symbolic decision, as it is ultimately up to the government prosecutors to pursue or not to pursue the charges.

On Sunday evening, the select committee assistant gave a brief overview of the committee’s upcoming activities. “After the business meeting, it is expected that the select committee will release some documents, including summaries, briefing notes and other information about the witnesses who appeared before the committee,” the aide said.

The full report will run to hundreds of pages and will likely follow each of the committee’s hearings. These include the Trump campaign pressuring Justice Department officials, local election officials and former Vice President Mike Pence to tamper with the election.

The panel also heard testimony from White House insiders who described Trump’s desire to engage with his supporters on Capitol Hill and his resistance to calls from his advisers to crack down on rioters. speed. MORE: What we learned from the January 6 committee hearing
The committee summarized its main findings during its final hearing on October 11. 13, a few weeks before the midterm elections, but it could be done again on Monday.

represents Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., recently said that the committee’s full report will draw up a “comprehensive analysis” of the events surrounding the Capitol attack.

“It’s about telling the American people what happened and giving them the opportunity to say that democracy can have bad days, but how we return to those bad days is how we will be defined”, Kinzinger told ABC. weeks.”

The House Select Committee, which was formed in July 2021 after efforts to create an independent commission were ultimately blocked by Republicans, will expire at the end of the year. But the Justice Department’s Jan. 6 shall continue notwithstanding the dissolution of the Conference Committee.

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