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What Is One Time Password (OTP) ?

Do you know what is One Time Password or OTP? If not, then definitely read this post. In today’s time, almost all of us do all our work from home online like mobile recharge or shopping, so in this digital world, our security matters a lot so that both our personal data and account are unknown persons. Be safe from.

When we do online transactions with the help of net banking or online payment mode, to recharge mobile or to buy some goods, then after filling all the details, a code comes in the last which we called OTP. You all must have heard about OTP and also used it,

What Is One Time Password या OTP?

One Time Password (OTP) is a security code which is of 6-digits which we use while doing online transactions.

When we buy some goods from any e-commerce website then we pay it with our ATM card, after filling our banking details while making payment, finally a security code goes to your bank registered mobile number as an sms Which we call OTP.

There is a code in that sms, only after filling our payment is successful, without this you will not be able to transact anywhere online.

What is the uses of OTP?

OTP is a password that is completely different and safe than the normal password that is created by the user while creating his account.

Like when we create our account in any website, we create our username and password, the password we create is very simple like our name or date of birth or anything else so that we can remember it easily. But in this we are at risk from hackers because they can easily hack our password and steal our details.

Or it may also happen that someone who is known to you, if he knows your username and password, then he can also take wrong advantage by using your account.

So nowadays all the banks, many e-commerce websites and online recharge websites have started using OTP so that the account of their users can be safe. OTP keeps your account safe and protects your banking and personal details from theft.

Benefits Of OTP?

With OTP, all our accounts like Google account, net banking account, bank account etc. are all safe.

The specialty of OTP is that the code generated by it can be used only once and it remains valid only for some time, if we have not used the code within that time, then that code is not used by any of our users. Doesn’t work.
That is, every time we do online transactions, these codes are generated differently, so that our account remains completely secure.

Even if the username and password of any of your account is known to any other person, even then he will not be able to use your account because for that OTP will be required which will come only on your registered mobile number or on your email id only without this He will not be able to take the wrong advantage of your account.

Where is OTP used?

OTP is most commonly used to do online transactions in net banking, apart from this Google has also started using OTP security to make users’ account even more secure.

After activating which no other user can login from their device by entering your account details because Google will ask for OTP password to verify there, which will only come to you through SMS OTP code will come to your mobile number.

Without this code that user will not be able to access your account. All e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay etc. and online private companies providing digital wallet service like Paytm, Freecharge, mobikwik, oxigen wallet etc. All of them also use OTP to keep their customers account safe. are doing.

Advantages of OTP ?

Let us now know what are the benefits of OTP.

To increase safety or security
This is a type of security code. This is because it is a protective shield for the user. At the same time, even after the theft of these passwords, the user’s account remains safe. Because without entering the OTP, no other person can access it.

User authentication
By this the authentic user is authenticated. This is because OPT goes only on the registered mobile number of the user. If the right user is doing any activity through his account. For such as changing password, updating mobile number, etc., for their authentication, the system sends OTP according to the method chosen by the user. Actions are considered valid only after entering it.

Spamming Prevention
When we transact money online, the bank sends an OTP to the account holder for permission. So that the identity of the real account holder can be proved. This keeps us from falling prey to fraud. And it is used the most in financial transactions only.

You Can Enable Double Security Mode?
We can enable OTP Double Security on our account or social media account (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google etc.) through OTP. And this can make them more secure. So that no other user can access it.

It is completely free. The user does not have to pay any extra fee for this.

With OTP, the identity of the original user is proved in seconds. The user does not have to attend the magistrate with the documents to get his identity done.

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