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Who is Prahlad Modi? Learn about the brother of PM Narendra Modi who met by accident today

Prahlad Modi, the younger brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was injured in a car accident Tuesday. According to reports, he was on his way to Bandipur with his son, daughter and grandson, when his Mercedes Benz car crashed into a divider in Karnataka.

Prahlad Modi and his family were admitted to JSS Hospital in order to receive treatment. However, it is believed that they suffered minor injuries and are now safe.

Who is Prahlad Modi?

Prahlad Modi, the fourth child of six children to Narendra Modi’s parents Hira Ben Modi and Damodardas Modi, is the youngest. He is vice president of All India Fair Price Shop Dealer’s Federation. It was established in 2001. Recent news was made when he held a Jantar Mantar dharna.

Prahlad Modi has protested many times against the government policies that his brother Narendra Modi has established. Before he retired from politics, he used to run a ration shop at Ahmedabad. His organization had recently requested compensation for the loss of rice, wheat, and sugar that was being supplied by fair price shops.

Since Narendra Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat, Prahlad Modi has been holding such protests. Even after becoming Prime Minister, he continued to protest against government policies.

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