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WPL 2024 Auction: Auction concludes, Kashvi sold at more than 20 times the base price, Vrinda Dinesh also surprises.

WPL 2024 Auction Highlights: The Women’s Premier League (WPL) had a great first season in 2023, with many famous players. Now, they had an auction in Mumbai for the second season.

Annabel Sutherland and Kashvi Gautam were the most expensive players, with Delhi Capitals getting Sutherland for two crores and Gujarat Giants getting Kashvi for the same amount. Vrinda Dinesh was picked by UP Warriors for 1.3 crores, Shabnim Ismail went to Mumbai for 1.2 crores, and Phoebe Litchfield joined Gujarat for one crore. They were the top five highest-paid players in this auction.

Before the auction, there were 30 open slots, and out of 165 players, only 30 were sold. Now, every team has a complete squad of 18 players, with up to six foreign players in each team.

Some players, like Nicola Carey, Alice Davidson-Richards, and Lauren Cheatle, didn’t find buyers despite having base prices from 30 lakhs to 10 lakhs. Priya Mishra was bought by Gujarat Giants for 20 lakhs, Simran Thakur by UP Warriors for 10 lakhs, and Es Sajana by Mumbai Indians for 15 lakhs.

The auction had 10 sets, and each player was auctioned one by one. The next step is for each team to pick five players from the unsold list in a quick auction. Gujarat Giants have the most money left, with 4.55 crores, followed by UP Warriors with 2.4 crores, Royal Challengers Bangalore with 2.05 crores, Delhi Capitals with 0.15 crores, and Mumbai Indians with 0.9 crores.

Aparna Mandal, a new player who can keep wickets and bat, was taken by Delhi Capitals for her base price of 10 lakhs. Sara Bryce, another player who can keep wickets, didn’t find any buyers at her base price of 10 lakhs.

In the seventh set, Sara Bryce and other wicketkeepers didn’t get any bids. Trisha Pujitha, who hasn’t played international matches yet, was bought by Gujarat Giants for 10 lakhs.

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