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Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120G To Launch On August 30


xiaom notebook pro

Xiaomi India is preparing itself for its launch on the 30th of August in which it will unveil its Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120G as along with Xiaomi Smart TV X Series in India. 

The details are not yet clear on the reasons Xiaomi selected the 120G to be the name for the product,

 however there are signs the possibility that this is due to the Intel Core 12th generation processor, or that the refresh speed is 120 Hz that is onboard the display technology.

Xiaomi Note Book Pro 120G to launch on August 30th.

Xiaomi India took it to Twitter to announce the imminent debut of their Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G on the 30th of August. It will be followed with the Smart TV X Series as well.

In terms of the laptop 120G, it’s likely due to it’s 120Hz refresh speed, or the 12th-gen processors, but we’ll need to wait to learn more about the laptop. 

xiaom notebook pro

xiaomi Note Book Pro 120G surpasses the 2020 Mi Notebook Pro and Notebook Ultra that were modified variants from xiaomi Note Book Pro 14 and 15 respectively. If that’s the pattern, the forthcoming xiaomi Note Book Pro 120G will likely be a rebranded version of one of the 2022 xiaomi Note Book Pro models that were released earlier this year.

In the teaser it reads “Fast. Fluid. Fantastic” tagline that goes on to highlight the features the laptop that is coming. The image shows a normal-sized keyboard, with no dedicated Numpad to the right. The laptop is scheduled to be released equipped with Windows 11 (of course) but everything else is undetermined at the moment when I wrote this.

Xiaomi Smart TV X Series to debut on August 30

It’s not just the xiaomi Note Book Pro 120G on the show on August 30, but there will be a handful of Smart TV X Series models will be stealing some spotlight too. The lineup is expected to feature 4K resolution, and will be available in three sizes of screen i.e. 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch.

We’re still 10 days away from the 30th of August launch date, which signifies that Xiaomi continues to release teasers that highlight and promote the numerous features that each xiaomi Note Book Pro 120G and Smart TV X Series will bring to the table. Keep an eye on this page for more details.

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