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After a long wait, Twitter is also bringing its edit button. but can you use it?

Twitter announced on Thursday that they are testing to bring the edit button to Twitter.

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It has been said via social media that an additional feature for users of Twitter Blue, the paid version of Twitter, is being tested for editing tweets.

twitter edit button

To use the Twitter Tweet Edit feature 4. $99 per month. To use this feature, you have to subscribe to it, only then will you be able to use it.

Twitter spokesperson Lauren Alexander gave this information to the US TODAY via an email.

“Since this is our most requested feature to date, we want to ensure we get it right.” “From testing, we hope to quickly understand how this new feature is being used and its impact on the way people read and write tweets.”

Jay Solvin, Twitter’s general manager of consumer and revenue products, trusts that the edit function will work for Twitter users who tweet a lot and that their tweet pressure will also work.

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