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Anupamaa 7th December 2022 Full Episode

Leela tells neighbors that she doens’t know what Anupama is doing. She thinks Anupama is doing right by getting justifice for Dimple, but she needs to be careful and not risk he family’s life. Hasmukh over phone tells his friend that his daughters are doing a good job and his blessings are with them. Pakhi walks in boasting that Anupama is her mother. Vanraj thinks if these people’s drama will not story, people will make their life a hell. Vijayendra scolds Manan for not getting a generator repaired. Manan asks him not to vent out those women’s anger on him, it would have been good if he had killed all 3 of them right there. His mother tongue lashes him for doing wrong with a woman. Manan arrogantly warns he to keep her lecture to herself. Sister Diya asks how will he stop Dimple and Anupama and warns him to mend his ways before its too late and accept the punishment for his sins. Manan shouts at her. Vijayendra stops him and says boys do such mistakes at an young age and warns his wife and daughter to go and continue wedding preparation.

A maid walks to Vijayendra thatshe will not come for work from tomorrow as she had left her earlier job because of owner’s biting dog, but Vijayendra has more dangerous dog/Manan in his house. Manan angrily tries to slap her. She stops him and warns that if he touches her, she will inform her labor union. She warns Vijayendra to throw his son in jail or else they will be in big trouble. Ankush notices Anuj tensed and asks if he is missing Anupama. Anuj says he was checking Vijayendra Mehta’s background, he is a very wicked and politically backed person; he is worried for Anupama. Barkha says police, media, and public are with Anupama. Ankush says even they will protect Anupama and others. Anuj says Vijayendra may make an attack look like an accident; Anupama doesn’t need his help, but he will be around Anupama for his peace of mind.

Vijayendra and Manan throw crackers on Anupama’s team sitting on dharna and laugh on them. Anuj reaches for support and protects everyone with blankets. Once crackers set off, Anuj says what else can be expected from such people. Anupama says what else cowards can do, let them burn crackers, we will blast them out today. She continues her long speech and then starts playing music with her team. Vijayendra and Manan get more angry and decide to do something tonight. Anupama and Dimple go to a nearby house’s washroom. Anuj informs that TV channels and news paper companies want to take Anupama and Dimple’s exclusive interview. Samar and Kavya says that is good for them. Anuj says father and son duo must have understood what they have done.

Leela notices Vanraj still awake and asks him not to worry about Kavya and Kinjal and go to sleep. Vanraj shows his concern. Vijayendra and Manan kidnap Dimple and Anupama and threaten them to take back their case or else they both will die. They laugh that nobody knows what they are out of the house and threaten Dimple to ruin her life again. Anuj and Samar get worried for Anupama and Dimple when they don’t return after a long time. Anupama and Dimple walk to Vijayendra and Manan and reveal that they have kidnapped wrong people. She calls Anuj and asks him to switch on the lights and reach Mehta’s gown behind his house. Anuj and team reach there. Anupama reveals that Mehta kidnapped his own wife and daughter by mistake instead of us. Mehta stands in shame.

Anupama and Dimple free Payal and her mother and tongue lash Mehtas for their heinous acts. Dimple repeats their words and asks if they would do same now with their mother and daughter. Anuj joins them and describe how cheap their thinking and acts are. Manan breaks down and pleads not to repeat it. Anupama asks if he can’t hear against his sister and mother, then how did he ruin Dimple’s life. Vijayendra’s wife wipes her sindhoor and says he is dead for her from hereon and takes oath to never apply his name’s sindhoor again in life. She then asks Manan to go and die somewhere and never show his face again. Diya says she doesn’t want to dirty her hand by slapping Manan. Anupama says Vijayendra performs Devimaa’s pooja, but humilates a woman, etc. She tells inspector that she fulfilled her promise before the night ended. Anuj says their sins deserve rigorous punishment and asks inspector to arrest them. Anupama walks out with her team reciting a long inspiring poem.

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