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Bigg Boss 16 7th December 2022 Full Episode

Day 67
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem.
Soundarya says Shalin is also sleeping outside. Archana says they fight so much. Tina asks Shalin did you sleep well? He says yes I did. I am fine. All good. Tina leaves. Shiv asks Nimrit what were they saying. Nimrit says Archana was saying Shiv is overshadowing you. Shiv says she plays these games. She gets aggressive herself. Nimrit says I told her we speak to each other not fight like you.

9:45 AM
Sajid asks Nimrit why are you upset? Nimrit says I feel low. Who should I share things with? Sajid says what’s the reason? She says people say so many things. I let go of a lot of things. You always say why do I get sad. She cries. Sajid says I am sorry. Nimrit says I only have you 3. I cope with tears. Shiv says let her vent out. Sajid says what’s the point of listening when I can’t help. It’s like talking to a wall. Nimrit says you need to let out things. I also have only three people in the support system. Where were you when I needed you? She cries. Sajid says sorry Nimrit. Abdu and Shiv hug her. Shiv says you’re strong. Nimrit says Abdu asks 50 times if I am okay. Sumbul laughs.

Stan says I really want to go. Tina says are you upset?> He says no I am done with this place.

10:30 AM
Stan gives chocolates to everyone. He doesn’t give to Abdu. Abdu leaves in anger. Nimrit asks where did he go? Sajid says he got upset at Stan. Nimrit takes abdu inside. She says I want to talk to you. She takes him inside. Sajid says Abdu takes it. Abdu says he said don’t give to Abdu. Shiv says you get mad at small things. Abdu takes out his chocolates and says now you understand how many I have. Shiv laughs, and he gives it to Abdu. Abdu gives it to Nimrit. Nimrit makes him eat. Archana and Priyanka are asleep. Alarm blares. Ankit says I wanna sleep too. I know how am I controlling.

12:45 PM
Sajid asks Tina what’s bothering you? She says nothing. He says you have me and Stan and Shalin. She says if I say anything it feels like I am talking behind his back. Sajid says you should fix things with Shiv on a cordial level. Be yourself, be normal. Tina says he doesn’t talk. Sajid makes them talk. He says I will let pass behind. Sajid says don’t call her Tina. Tina says yes let bygones be gone. Sajid asks did you have any girlfriends in Roadies? He says no in Bigg Boss. I decorated the whole house to propose to her. Tina says love can’t happen in the house. You can’t know the past and things. Shiv says you can’t know the practical things of life here. Tina says exactly. Shiv says you can’t even hold hands here.

2:15 PM
Archana shouts Shiv Sajid leaving the microwave open. Sajid shuts it. He says fine? Tina says she finds a point in everything. Archana says to give Tina footage, she’s nominated. Tina says I am not hungry. I just had breakfast. I don’t eat curry, I am lactose intolerant. She has no shame.

Soundarya says finally I got to rest from the kitchen Bigg Boss isn’t letting me sleep. Archana says I told Bigg Boss my head hurts let me sleep. He didn’t. Bigg Boss says Archana you’re so innocent. He says come to the living area. According to Ankit, tasks make up half of the episode, let’s do that. He’s been the creative director of this show for 16 years. Everyone laughs. Bigg Boss says I wonder how this show last so long when Ankit was creative director. Let’s make half of the episode. Do we have your permission? Ankit laughs and says your choice. Bigg Boss says you write this show. He asks how is it going. Everyone says smooth. Bigg Boss says yes, everyone is resting and sleeping in corners. He doesn’t care who sleeps. He is the king now. Who cares about the show and the expectations of the audience? This is called being selfish. It’s going very boring. If Ankit doesn’t wanna do anything. There will be contenders for king or queen. I want Ankit to name six people he doesn’t see as the king or queen. Stan can take part in this task. Ankit says the six names are Sajid. Abdu, Nimrit, Shiv, Archana, and myself. We’ve all been captains. Bigg Boss says I didn’t ask the reason. Bigg Boss says Priyanka, Soundarya, Shalin, Tina, and Sumbul have the chance to become the contestant. Sajid is his favorite but he doesn’t want to see Sajid as the next king. What a balance. Bigg Boss says your morally correct king has not given you a chance but I will. You can snatch the chance from the six people.

Bigg Boss tells the garden area is converted into a BB jail. The people Ankit didn’t choose are prisoners. The contenders Ankit chose will be on duty as a jailer. Rest will remain outside. I will announce an activity from time to time that the jailer will get done from the prisoners. I will tell you a way to run from jail too. The on-duty jailer has to make sure you don’t run during the activity. If 3 people can run from jail the 5 contenders will lose the chance and the remaining 6 will get it. Let’s see if Ankit’s chosen ones can save it.

3:30 PM
Shiv says we have to give our 100%. Stan says yes sir. Shiv says to Archana play for yourself. The contenders get ready as jailers and the rest get ready as prisoners. Tina says to Shalin can we talk now? He says no. Tina says you really wanna do this? Abdu says I wanna become the police. The task starts. Bigg Boss asks Ankit to tell the reasons why he wants to lock them up and not make them captain. He says Shiv is not fair and only thinks about his friends. He says Nimrit has been given two chances and she only comes out as a captain. I wanna see her as a contestant. he says when Archana became the captain, she couldn’t run the house. She says she doesn’t need the throne. Stan doesn’t want to be here. He won’t take responsibility. Ankit says Abdu was a very good captain but he gets influencer. He says Sajid’s group has been becoming captains so I will give others a chance. Shiv says Soundarya looks like a don. Ankit says Soundarya is on duty officer.

Soundarya comes. Nimrit says you look hot. Bigg Boss announces the activity that the jailer has to make them make clay pots. The way to run is to get a clay model of the kail keys. If a prisoner gets an imprint of the ring-shaped key on the glass container after filling it with clay, they can flee. If Ankit is okay with the imprint, only then they can run. Soundarya picks the keys. Bigg Boss says they will hang there. The prisoners start making molds. Soundarya says to make the molds. Nimrit says you have to get it made. Soundarya stands in front of the keys. Archana says how will we get it this way? Ankit says don’t hold is Soundarya. She says I have to safeguard. They try to snatch. Tina says you can’t get physical Archana snatches it from her and takes the imprint. Soundarya says they got physical. Ankit says they held her leg first. Priyanka says this isn’t fair. They can’t use their hands. Nimrit says we didn’t touch her. Ankit says Archana is disqualified. Stan says he’s such a puppet. Shalin says Nimrit shoved her, this is wrong. Shiv says you won’t decide that. Ankit says not it’s not fair. Soundarya says they held my leg and shoved it. Ankit says it can’t happen now. Don’t touch her. Priyanka says you had to distract Shiv. Shalin says this round is disqualified. Soundarya says she held my leg and then shoved me. Archana shouts and says, you cheater. Bigg Boss asks them to stand under the line. Archana says can’t tolerate the win. SOundarya says she got physical. Archana says I got two keys. Sajid says this task was a flop. Bigg Boss says Tina said they can’t take 2 prints. Bigg Boss says the captain decides what has happened. If you all agree captain has to take the call. There was so much confusion because Ankit had no firm decision. Tina says exactly. Ankit says I had to give a decision after disqualification. Bigg Boss says since the captain didn’t have a say, I had to intervene and ask a few questions.

Bigg Boss says I told you jail keys were there and you had to take an imprint. I had to ask Ankit if they take the imprint. Ankit says they used to power. Bigg Noss says what was my question? Nimrti and Archana fight. Ankit says they became physical and then snatched it, so I am disqualifying them. And this print isn’t good anyway. Nimrit says how unfair. Priyanka says have you ever played fair? Shiv says you have not played fair. Bigg Boss says I see two imprints but Ankit has disqualified them so no one fled. Soundarya says they got physical. Archana says to learn to accept defeat. Priyanka says when have you ever been fair as a captain Nimrit?

Sajid says we are going. Nimrit says I will go too. Bigg Boss asks Ankit if he can conduct the activity. Sajid says can people speak from outside? Ankit asks everyone to shut up. He asks Priyanka to shut up too. Ankit says no one will hit or touch the jailer. Jailers can’t come inside. They can speak and suggest from outside. Priyanka says I am going now. Sumbul says I want to go. Shalin says they can’t get physical with me. Sumbul says I am not an idiot. Shalin says let her go Priyanka. Sajid says he’s openly cheating. We will lose anyway. Ankit locks everyone inside. Archana says to tell the jailer at least. He says I will when I have to. Bigg Boss asks the jailer, he says it’s Sumbul. Bigg Boss says in this activity jailer has to get them to do gardening. To flee the prisoner has to climb a wall. Only on-duty jailers can stop them. Ankit says no one will hold the jailer. Sajid tells them how will he distract her. Sumbul stops them from coming toward the wall. Ankit says no one will stop from outside. Ankit says to do the activity too. Shiv climbs the wall while Archan distracts Sumbul. Ankit says Shiv has fled from the jail. Bigg Boss says Shiv can’t take part in the next rounds.

6 PM
The third round starts. Ankit says Priyanka is the next jailer. Bigg Boss says in this activity jailer has to teach Bigg Boss values on board to prisoners. If prisoner crosses the tunnel in front of them they win. Priyanka says stand in the line for class. Sajid is going to the tunnel side. Priyanka says they are stopping the activity. Sajid says to sit in the class and let the activity happen. Ankit says to do the activity or I will disqualify. Sajid says what’s the point of playing then. Archana tries to go. Priyanka stands in front of the tunnel. Archana shoves her and goes in. Ankit disqualifies her. Shiv says she went it. She didn’t touch her. Priyanka says to play with your mind, not your hands. Shiv says no one touched her. Priyanka says she shoved me. Archana says my leg also got hurt. Ankit says they touched the jailer again, I am disqualifying the prisoners. Priyanka says they were no doing the tasks. Bigg Boss asks Ankit was the activity conducted by the jailer. Ankit says she was asking them to sit in class but Archana kept standing near the tunnel and because of her, the activity couldn’t be done. Bigg Boss says Archana crossed the tunnel but you disqualified her once again and we accepted it. You disqualified two rounds. SO there’s no point in doing the last round. This task ends here. The prisoners were able to flee in all three rounds but you disqualified them and we listen to Ankit. THe prisoners lose. Archana says you accepted Bigg Boss that’s enough for us. He says the jailers are contenders. Priyanka says you got physical Archana. Shiv says this is their fair game.

6:30 PM
Archana says Bigg Boss kept saying we fled. Nimrit says they planned to disqualify. Sumbul says they were all getting physical. Abdu runs in the tunnel. Ankit says this task was one-sided it was 5 people against one. so it was designed in a way to go to that side. Sajid says it was pre-decided by them to disqualify. Shiv says we lost but we played. Sajid says it made no sense. Nimrit says but we had to play. Sajid says it was an open robbery. Nimrit says Bigg Boss intervened for the first time. Sajid says poor Ankit was taunted. Nimrit says he’s no poor. He was unfair. Sajid says he was unfair. Nimrit says we had to call him out at least. Ankit says was this task fair one vs. 6? Sumbul says it had to get physical. Shiv says Sumbul asked are we mad? Nimrit says why would we be mad at her. Nimrit says she’s loyal to you but she flips sides. She says Shalin can play any game for his benefit. Sajid says she should listen to her dad right? Stan says what kind of girl is she and that she will not listen to her dad.

7:45 PM
Sumbul says I only spoke to Shalin about the task. He was coming and talking to me. I was ignoring him later. He came and asked if I am okay. I told him he shouldn’t be talking to me. He has gotten hurt and shouted so much. Nimrit says your reason should be firm that yo won’t talk to him because I respect my dad and he asked me to stay away from you. Nimrit says he doesn’t care about you, he cares about this game. He’s close to you and you flip but he’s doing this for the game only.

8:15 PM
Bigg Boss calls Shiv, Nimrit, and Tina into a confession room. He says there was a task today between two groups. I heard two people saying this task was one-sided. They’re both in different teams. Bigg Boss says Sajid and Ankit. I request you three to take the point of view on why this game was unfair. They never do the tasks themselves. Tina says he says such things and he’s very sorted that he wants to go home He doesn’t care about anything. Nimrit says but because of him, we’re nominated. Shiv says Sajid thinks about his way of things, he doesn’t understand things. Tina says he keeps saying I want to go but then when you nominate him he gets mad. Bigg Boss says Tina you said Ankit wants to go home then how is he always safe, and now even the captain. We’ve seen many colors of yours Tina. he says we saw Shiv getting emotional too and many colors of Nimrit too. You all are living life here. But there’s one person who’s least bothered and wants to go. Has no enemies, I spoke to him, Salman did, and we joked but there’s no difference. Sajid doesn’t want to take part in tasks, so shouldn’t you question them? Tina says they’re his friends and they save him. Priyanka speaks about it and so do I. Bigg Boss says shouldn’t Ankit and Sajid’s reality and active participation come out? He says yes. Bigg Boss says how much weight of other people will you hold Shiv? You can call out Sajid. Tina says we will end up going home. Bigg Boss says exactly.

8:30 PM
Sajid says to Sumbul do what makes you happy. Talk to Shalin, and Tina, and joke with them. Stan says what about your dad? Sajid says yeah just tell your dad. Sumbul says I am sorry. Sajid says I am not your uncle. Stan says she won’t care. Stan steals Abdu’s chocolate. Abdu comes and checks it. Abdu says I kept it for Nimrit’s birthday. Sajid says hug me. Abdu hugs him.

9:30 PM
Nimrit says to Sajid we say things to you for your better. What you feel is different from the game. He says I look no interested? He says this show is for me to connect with my audience. To see my real self. Nimrit says that’s greaat. Nimrit says just take some part and don’t say you want to go.

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