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Bhagya Lakshmi 19th January 2023 Written Full Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 19thJanuary 2023 Written Episode Written Updates on Telly Updates

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

The episode begins by Balwinder explaining to Rano that bani is looking for time to end the marriage. He states that anyone who is intelligently, will be given a bandage for their body. Shalu is furious. Balwinder tells her that I will keep you at my home until you get married. He says that the yogi Palace is perfect to get married the next day. Rano wants Balwinder to loan her money. Balwinder promises to pay her money after shehnai. 

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Rano believes she will receive cash through Neelam and Balwinder and believes she won’t sleep because of happiness. Rano says to Shalu the reason why Chachi does this. Shalu states that we are a an unnecessary burden and is determined to ease her burden. Bani declares that we’ll go to the next place. Lakshmi is stern with them and tells for them to not think in a negative way and says that everything God does is the good of mankind. She asks us where we’ll go and claims she is our Chachi. 

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Shalu believes she’s watching her daughter’s progress, and it is making your life miserable. Lakshmi declares that she is a mom and there’s nothing wrong with her to consider her daughter. Bani declares that we are a daughter of someone else and she will be thinking that way. 

Bhagya Lakshmi
Bhagya Lakshmi

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Shalu is asking if Maa and Bau Ji would have let you take this step. Lakshmi insists that she doesn’t want to debate because they’ve left us, we’ve come to this place, my home is damaged, I came back to the city, it’s all fate, it’s Lakshmi Bhagya. She believes that if it’s set in my fate for me to marry Balwinder and then no one can stop it. Shalu says that we’re puppets and she claims it’s cowardly to put everything in the hands of destiny.

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Lakshmi confesses that she did not take care of herself and put her life at risk. She inquires about what went wrong, what was wrong that I commit with someone else that a negative thing that is happening to her, and says it’s her destiny.

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Rishi Rishi informs Ayush that he attempted to stop Lakshmi however she did not accept his proposal and claims that this could have been her destiny. Ayush states that nobody knows the future of Lakshmi but tomorrow will be her wedding day. Rishi is asking if tomorrow will be her wedding day. Ayush is positive. 

Lakshmi believes that a human being cannot fight against her destiny. She explains how I can change my destiny. Ayush declares that our actions and karma decide our destiny and she asks him to alter her bhagya before her wedding. Rishi asks how? Bani tells him not to marry with him. Shalu and Bani embrace lakshmi.

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Rishi says that I’ve tried all methods to stop her but she doesn’t want to look at my face. He says that’s her destiny and we cannot keep her in the house we live in. He says that if she had been in my destiny, we wouldn’t have divorced. Ayush claims Mama tried to offer 5 crores for Balwinder. Rishi claims he did not agree? Ayush affirms that she is not. Rishi claims that this is destiny.

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Malishka dreamed of Rishi and is scolds Sonal because she broke her dream. Sonal apologizes. Malishka says did you go out. Sonal says she was in search of Ashish so she went out to meet him and she is exhausted. Malishka claims you’ll be exhausted after meeting Ashish. She says that you’ve failed my dream. Sonal affirms that her dream is fulfilled because of me. She she asks her to go to go to bed. Malishka tells her that if she doesn’t have the same dream, then look for. She wants Rishi to visit her dream once more.

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The next day Lakshmi, shalu and Bani take part in the puja. Shalu demands God to end Lakshmi’s marriage. Lakshmi requests them to stand by her as always, and then she asks them why they aren’t with the other time. She warns that if you make this decision, my faith will crumble. Shalu is begging her not to marry her. Rano claims that you are Rahu and you are ketu to keep your sister from marrying. Shalu declares that we’re all good sisters, but you’ll become better to stop the niece’s wedding. 

Bani demands her husband Rano and tells him to not have this marriage done and I’ll be your slave for the rest of your lives. She suggests that you do not get Di married to a balwinder, make me marry him. Neha is seen dropping the glass after hearing this. Lakshmi is asking Bani what she’s saying? Rano is crying when she sees their bond of love.

Rishi is pounding on the punching bag while reminiscing Ayush’s and Dadi’s words. Neelam arrives and tells him that Lakshmi left your life. She was a betrayal, liar and clever girl. She won’t be able to trap you again. She tells me that thank you that I don’t say anything negative about anybody, but I’m not able to keep from speaking negative about her. 

She says she’s performed so many things in our affection, in front of me, and I could not speak a word. She says that I do not curse anybody, but…Rishi shouts enough. He claims I am putting my hands to Lakshmi and you shouldn’t blame her. She’s been through a lot in this situation. He claims she’s fortunate. He claims Lakshmi is very good and you’ll never have such a beautiful woman all over the world. He claims that no one can recognize her, but she’s the real Lakshmi. He walks away. Neelam is stunned.

Rano claims that her heart has become emotional. She also says that you are Devis who lavish their lives on one another. She asks me how I can finish this wedding. Guddu arrives and asks about what has happened. you’re saying that as if you were seeing the ghost. Shalu requests that he become a ghost, and she says Chachi is aware that Lakshmi Di’s marriage is going to be destroyed, and she’s not going to get her wedding done. Guddu questions what she is saying? 

Rano claims she was emotional over daughter’s bidaai. Shalu Bani and Bani are stunned. Rano wants Guddu to come and explain to Shalu that she can’t help but ask an mother stop her daughter’s wedding.

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