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Bhagya Lakshmi 17th January 2023 Written Episode Update Today Full Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th Jan 2023 Written Episode Written Update on Trendworldnews.com

Bhagya Lakshmi The episode starts with Sonal taking credit for Malishka and Rishi’s wedding announcement. She also says that she saved Malishka from suicide when she was a teenager. Kiran smiles. Malishka arrives and embraces Kiran. She announces that Rishi and I will be getting married. Kiran says your love won. Malishka states that lakshmi was a loser. She hugged Sonal. Rishi is able to touch Kiran’s feet.

She tells Kiran that I’ve hurt you in the past without realizing. Kiran says kids do mistake. Malishka declares that everything is okay, thank God. Sonal says , thank you for this. Virender contacts Ayush and requests him to call Balwinder. 

Bhagya Lakshmi
Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi cast

Lakshmi says to Bani that she’ll do. Bani ignores her. Lakshmi is asking if you are unable to hear me. Bani declares that you are depressed since I’m not talking to you. She says they’re deeply hurt by her actions. She requests that she not marry her. Lakshmi apologizes however, this wedding is going to happen. 

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Balwinder arrives at the office of Virender with Ayush. He welcomes Virender and tells him that I asked Ayush for a report, but he did not reveal what happened? Virender states that you’ve become a criminal and you must have figured it out at this point. He requests him to resign. the decision of marrying Lakshmi. Balwinder wants to know for something else, and promises to get married Lakshmi only. Ayush shouts.

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 Balwinder declares that he has done many things for Lakshmi and has endured a lot but now it’s time to leave her. He wants to let him go her. He claims that he loves her. Ayush becomes angry. Balwinder affirms that he is going to marry Lakshmi and claims that she has already agreed to marry him. He states that I will make her content, happier than Rishi. Virender offers a cheque for 5 crores and asks him pick it up and take it away from there. Balwinder says 5 crores.

Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode

Karishma states that we’ll get married. mahurat to marry. Neelam declares that the unlucky girl has been found and declares that love has prevailed. Karishma affirms that even we have won and leaves. Rano arrives and tells him that the same thing you had said. Neelam affirms that you’ve worked to the max. Rano claims you invited me to the place and I was there. A fb is displayed, Neelam calls Rano and tells her she’s got work with her and will pay her 10 lakhs to do it and 2 lakhs as an as an advance. 

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Rano arrives at the location. Neelam requests driver to hand over his money Rano. Driver is on the way to hand over the money Rano. Neelam is inside the car and informs her that the driver will pay her money. She also insists that she get lakshmi married and ensure that she’s far from Rishi’s world. She states that once the marriage occurs, she will offer her more money, but she won’t be able to keep track of. 

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Rano declares that she will not be able to marry when Lakshmi isn’t happy, she is in love with Rishi. Neelam states that you should love who you love most, Lakshmi or cash. She requests the money from driver if she is willing to finish her work. Rano accepts the cash from the driver and promises Neelam. Fb ends.

Rano says to Neelam that she had made a big effort to persuade Lakshmi and psychologically threatened her, but she was able to handle every single person. She tells me that I had to work so at it. Neelam requests her to calculate the amount of money she plans to pay for her hard work. She offers her money. Rano is delighted and says she is very happy and asks her if she’ll be able to get more money after marrying.

Bhagya Lakshmi Serial

 Neelam tells her that I am familiar with you and I will pay you money upon marriage, but the next time I will not be able to recognize you. Rano declares that you’re a sea and if you donate a few drops, then there will be nothing less. Neelam informs Rano that her job will be completed. Rano states that the work will be done and exits the room.

Virender states that you might not have thought you’d be receiving this much money and asks him to move away from Lakshmi’s world. Balwinder states that you’re spending 5 crores to bring happiness to Lakshmi. He claims I am fortunate to be able to receive Lakshmi. He claims a pandit predicted that his future would shine. He said I’ll take Lakshmi out of here, and purchase a house and keep her content.

Rano is about to head out and is about to leave when Rishi arrives. Rano places the notecards on the couch and conceals the notes with a pillows. He asks you what are you doing in this room. Rano tells him that she was here in to see Neelam and tells him that Lakshmi sent an email to him and wanted him to be happy. Rishi enters.

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Episode

Lakshmi believes that she needs to perform this for Kamli and believes that, just like Shalu, Bani, Neha are her sisters she accepts Kamli for her own sister. She claims that until Kamli receives justice, I won’t tell anyone else, because if someone is able to find out by mistake and then? She states that you’re both an integral part of my life and share a connection to me. You both are bound to endure some hurt, regrets it.

Rishi is in his room and receives a video chat with Malishka. He decides to take it up. Malishka says you reached home. He affirms that he did. Malishka wants him to swear that he’ll never be able to remember Malishka. Sonia is there and comforts Rishi. She answers the phone and asks me to contact you Bhabhi.

 Malishka informs me that you can contact my Malishka. Sonia requests her to go there and go to Lakshmi’s house inside the home. Malishka declares that it was my house that was taken over by Lakshmi. Sonia says you can come to go to your spot. Ahana arrives. Sonia says that you’ve taken the right decision , bhai. Ahana says Rishi Bhai loves Lakshmi Bhabhi. Sonia questions why he didn’t mention it. 

Devika states that Rishi Bhai never loved Malishka and says that a lot of things cannot be expressed, but he feels and he loves Lakshmi. Ahana says Rishi Bhai loves Lakshmi. Rishi listens to them and asks that he might love Lakshmi. The thought made him reflect on his experiences with Lakshmi. He asks himself if I really am in love with Lakshmi.

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