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Bhagya Lakshmi 23th January 2023 Written Full Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23thJanuary 2023 Written Episode Written Updates on Telly Updates

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update

The Episode starts with Rano asking Lakshmi to do make up properly. She stops. Shalu asks her to vent out her anger on her and pretends as if Lakshmi is whispering something in her ears. She says you can say sorry to Chachi after marriage. Rano thinks she will get lakhs from Balwinder after marriage. Ayush jokes. Bani asks him to get serious. He asks her to make Lakshmi wear the burqa. Bani and Shalu try to make Lakshmi wear burqa.

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Neelam says to Virender she is unable to endure anymore and she’s going to. Virender says that you’ve just agreed to be here. Neelam says that I didn’t realize that people from the bottom of the barrel would arrive. Virender requests her to sit down and inform her that it was the wish of Lakshmi to have us be present at this wedding. He doesn’t know whether we will be able to meet her in the future or not. Neelam asks, how do you remain in this place? Virender asks for my daughter. Dadi tells me that Ballu could take her away from here. Let us meet her in the present.

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Bani informs Ayush she knows that Balwinder’s Chachi is watching the two. Shalu wants Ayush to drink Lakshmi and she says she’ll distract Balwinder’s Chachi. Ayush asks if you can manage. Shalu affirms that she can. He asks her to embrace him like an acquaintance. Shalu is able to divert Balwinder’s Chachi.

Bhagya Lakshmi
Bhagya Lakshmi

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She leaves and tells him the Chachi that she’s burning eyes because of the Kajal. Chachi asks , what should I do? Shalu claims that Lakshmi’s eyes are also burning. Chachi isn’t willing to leave. Shalu promises to tell balwinder. Chachi is scared and runs to the water fountain. Shalu returns and wants Ayush to bring Lakshmi out with Bani and, after calling her to be out.

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Rishi drives the vehicle. Rishi’s inner self appears in front of him and inquires about what transpired to Rishi. Rishi states that he felt trapped. The inner voice of his mind says that you were looking for Lakshmi and was irritated at the thought that Lakshmi is set to marry Balwinder.

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Rishi affirms that yes I’m angry and I feel something is going on in my body but I’m unable to take action. The inner voice tells him that he is the only one who can stop Lakshmi’s wedding. Rishi states that Mom along with Dad made a decision to marry her.

Chachi offers water and then gives Shalu water. Shalu. Shalu tells her that Balwinder will be awestruck by you. Chachi claims she is looking for money. Shalu insists on demanding 4 lakhs in Rs. She returns to her room, and awaits Ayush’s phone call. Rishi says that Lakshmi isn’t listening to anyone. The inner voice asks him what she do in the event that you ask her to put her life at risk for you.

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Rishi declares that she doesn’t listen to me and is willing to risk my life in order to help me. His own self-interest wants for him to join into the fray and help her. He claims that you are separated by paper, but not by heart. He claims Lakshmi is feeling the same way and asks that you end the wedding.

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Rishi claims he will help Lakshmi and will listen to his heart and not let her marry a balwinder. He claims that she has saved me, and I won’t allow her life to be put in danger. He claims that even if she beats me, I will end her marriage. He is convinced that we can take it on.

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Ayush and Bani emerge and discover Guddu and other. Bani says to Ayush that Guddu and other people are in the area as well. She asks him to go hide in Lakshmi. Ayush claims he’s unable to lift Lakshmi any more. Bani declares she’ll take her sister in her arms, when she’s too large for him. Ayush requests her to pray for Babaji. Bani prays, and Guddu and another friend go away at that point. Ayush is the one who makes Lakshmi to sit on the back of the automobile. He requests Bani to contact Shalu. He claims that his phone is disconnected and requests her to call her.

Bani claims she’s put the phone away. Ayush wants Bani to go to the phone and make a call to Shalu via a phone. Shalu thinks Mama Ji is using the phone. Shalu phone calls Ayush along with Bani and is thinking about what to do? She is thinking Ayush may have taken Di from here , and even thinks she’ll leave. Chachi is there and asks, where is Lakshmi? Shalu claims she’s in the bathroom. Chachi wants to know what is Bani? Shalu claims she went to Rano. Chachi requests Shalu not to leave until Lakshmi is prepared.

Kamli will soon leave to the bathroom when her foot gets injured by something. She is thinking about where she’ll proceed next. Rishi notices Malishka running along the road, and two goons follow her. Rishi makes a turn in his car to head towards Malishka.

Ayush returns to the car and wonders she is wondering if Bani has reached Shalu. Bani appears and says she can’t enter as Balwinder’s family members are in the. Ayush tells them to depart, and informs her that Shalu is smart and can manage. He states that the AC is not working, Bhabhi might be feeling hot. He goes into the vehicle and spots Lakshmi missing. He wants to know Bani whether she saw Lakshmi.

Balwinder demands Guddu to go to a place. Malishka is thrown down by the gate. The goons appear to her. Malishka puts her purse in front of them. The goon informs them that they are looking for bag girl too. Rishi is looking her up and calling her by name. Malishka gets rid of the goons, and sprints. She runs into Rishi. The goons are there.

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