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Bhagya Lakshmi 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

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Bhagya laxmi written update

The episode starts with Rishi telling Ayush that Lakshmi didn’t wait for him once and he didn’t see her leaving. Ayush says I told you many times. He said he turned back, but you didn’t come, so he left. He says he will be angry if you don’t do it.

Sonia tells Malishka that everything Kiran has done is wrong. Malishka says she is my mother and asks her to keep her there. Malishka says that she will make sure that she will take care of her mother and asks her to come with her. Sonal says I will bring back your Rishi, but I can’t enter your house. Malishka says she won’t let anything happen to her and asks her to come.

Bhagya laxmi serial

Rishi tells Ayush that he is about to come, but Lakshmi closes the door. Ayush says that Lakshmi will not do such cheap things and compliments her. She hugs Rishi and says you didn’t stop him. Rishi says sorry. Ayush says, don’t apologize for this, I won’t forgive you. Rishi says mistake is mine, if I didn’t do that, Lakshmi would have been with me, sorry Lakshmi says. Lakshmi thinks about Rishi’s words. He thought why did you betray me Rishi, what is the truth of this or something? He says that Rishi’s is true.

Bhagya laxmi cast

He says I never thought in my dream that you will betray me. Bani comes to Lakshmi and asks her to eat. Lakshmi asked. Shalu asks him to eat or go back to Jiju. Lakshmi asks why did you call her Jiju. Shalu said it was my Jiju and asked if she was eating. Karishma tells Neelam that her wish has been fulfilled. Neelam laughs and says it was true from day one that Rishi didn’t love Lakshmi. Karishma says she loves Malishka and leaves Lakshmi. Sonia and Devika come there.

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Karishma hugs Sonia and tells them that Rishi has married Lakshmi. Devika really asks? Sonia said we will have a party. Karishma says we will have a big party. Devika says it is not good. Sonia says my brother is free from her. Devika says that Lakshmi told the truth about Rishi that she will be sad without him. Sonia said if she was happy.

Bhagya Lakshmi

Dadi comes and says you all are happy and don’t think about Rishi. Neelam tells Dadi that I am the only one for Rishi and I can understand his happiness. Dadi says then I am wrong, Rishi kicks her for swearing to you. Dadi asks her to do something for Rishi’s happiness. Neelam tells Karishma and Sonia that they will do something for Rishi’s happiness first.

Bhagya laxmi today episode

Rishi thinks about Lakshmi and her time. He imagines Lakshmi standing behind the curtain and says Lakshmi happily. He then saw him standing in front of him and disappearing. Ishq hai tujhe… She says Lakshmi won’t come, the way she went, I forced her, she won’t come back. He thinks he will come there and walk inside. The song is playing….

He asked are you really here? He touched her and hugged her. He said he felt like he was reading too much. He said I am ready to take anything and told him to stay there. He says I can’t live without you. Lakshmi asks why did you do this, why did I leave you. He asks what happened to you and Malishka. He asks if you don’t think it’s a big trick.

She says she will not be able to see Malishka touching her and says I am dying to see you with her. He said that it is better if you kill me, that I am not alive after seeing all this. He said that my life was taken away from me, how to live. He said he was wrong. Lakshmi asks what? Rishi says I hurt you and gave you irreparable injury.

He said that he will convince everyone and told him to tell him that he wants to be with her, and that he does not want to leave her. He said, please forgive me for one of my good deeds. He says I promise you that I will not give you a chance to leave me. Lakshmi says you also promised me on wedding day. Rishi thinks about their marriage. Lakshmi says you broke the promise.

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