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DD free dish All channel list 2023

In this post , we are talking on DD Free Dish Channel List 2023

DD free dish channel list 2023

Today we will be discussing DD Free Dish Channel List 2023. DD Free Dish is a large company that is recognized in India that offers free channels that we can stream from your home at no cost.

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There will be a lot of paid channels that will be added to the DD list of free dishes for 2023. You can stream and enjoy it without cost. Auctions for E-auctions can be found within DD Free Dish in which new channels are involved and broadcast their channels through DD Free Dish.

DD free dish channel list 2023 mpeg2 today

When we talk about DD Free Dish Channel List at this moment, there are numerous channels available with around 200 channels in total. Of these, 80 channels are radio, and 200 channels are TV channels that which we can stream and enjoy.

The list of channels in DD free dish gets updated each month because auctions are held in DD free dish because of which channels are part of DD free dish. And after winning, you broadcast your channel to DD Free Dish, so the list of channels on DD Free Dish keeps updating.

List of DD free dish channels 1 January 2023

Channel NameNo.Id
Zindagi 1329500V11171
Zee Anmol 1729500H11178
Star sports first 3829500V11172
Star utsav 4529500V11174
Colour rishtey 5629500H11177
Sony pal 7629500H11172
Colour rishtey Cineplex 4929500H11170
Star Bharat 2329500H11178
The Q 1829500V11175
dd free dish set top box 

The list of channels on DD Free Dish is going to look similar to the following on January 1st, 2023. several new channels are scheduled to be added, and around 50 to 60 channels could be added.

That you’ll be able to watch without cost. If we speak about it, all channels will be over 250 on the DD Free Dish. That you can watch at no cost.

DD free dish New channel list 2023

The new list of channels on DD Free Dish will be similar to this, and several movies and sports along with drama channels will be added.

Channels such as Colors Rishtey, Sony Pal, Big Magic, Star Utsav, Star Pravah, and Star Bharat will be ads that you’ll be able to stream without cost through DD Free Dish.

Free DD New channel list coming soon 2023

As you are aware that with DD Free Dish you all can watch a wide range of channels at no cost, and you can watch channels of Drama, Movies, and Music. Additionally, some channels are coming Soon in DD Free Dish.

What will be added to DD Free Dish, in which you will find a variety of films and dramas as well in sports channels, whose list follows. The frequency of the channels that you can get to DD Free Dish is as follows. Channel numbers are also provided.

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How to retune a dd free dish ?

Press the “Menu” button on your remote control.

Select “Installation” or “System Setup” from the menu options.

Select “First Time Installation” or “Factory Reset” to clear any previous channel settings.

Select “Search” or “Auto Tune” to begin the scanning process.
Wait for the scanning process to complete.

Once the scanning is complete, select “Save” or “Store” to save the channels that have been found.

Use the “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons on your remote to navigate through the channels that have been added.

Note: Steps may vary depending on your specific DD Free Dish model and remote control.

How to set dd free dish signal ?

To set the DD Free Dish signal, follow these steps:

Position the dish antenna towards the direction of the DD Free Dish transmission tower. You can check the transmission tower location on the DD Free Dish website.

Adjust the elevation and skew angle of the dish antenna to fine-tune the signal strength.

Connect the LNB (Low-Noise Block Downconverter) to the dish antenna, and then connect the other end of the LNB cable to the STB (Set-Top Box).

Turn on the STB and check the signal strength and quality on the STB menu. If the signal strength is low or the quality is poor, readjust the dish antenna and check the signal again. Repeat this process until the signal strength is high and the quality is good.

Once the signal is set, you can proceed with retuning the DD Free Dish as mentioned in my previous answer.

Note: If you are unable to set the signal by yourself, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

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