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Indian Workers Seek Jobs in Israel Amid Labour Shortage.

In a recruitment drive in India’s northern state of Haryana, thousands of men queued up to seek job opportunities in Israel, where the ongoing offensive in Gaza has led to a shortage of labor. The workers, including masons, painters, electricians, plumbers, and some farmers, expressed their willingness to work in Israel, despite the conflict, due to the potential for significantly higher earnings.

The recruitment camp in Rohtak, located 66 km from New Delhi, saw workers expressing their desire to seek employment in Israel, citing unemployment and the potential for higher earnings as key motivators. Many workers expressed their willingness to take on the risks associated with the conflict, emphasizing the economic opportunities that Israel presents.

India, with a population of 1.4 billion, faces significant unemployment challenges, particularly among the younger demographic. The urban unemployment rate stands at 6.6%, with over 17% of workers under 29 years of age facing unemployment or underemployment. The allure of higher earnings and the potential for economic advancement has driven many workers to seek opportunities abroad.

An agreement on labor mobility between India and Israel was signed before the conflict erupted, with a focus on regulating migration and ensuring the rights and safety of Indian workers in Israel. The strict and robust labor laws in Israel have been highlighted as a key factor in safeguarding the rights and safety of foreign workers.

Despite the risks associated with the conflict, many Indian workers are willing to pursue employment opportunities in Israel, driven by the potential for higher earnings and economic advancement. The recruitment drive and the agreement between India and Israel reflect the growing demand for labor in Israel, particularly in sectors such as nursing and construction.

The willingness of Indian workers to seek opportunities in Israel, despite the conflict, underscores the significant economic motivations and the challenges of unemployment and underemployment in India. The recruitment drive and the labor mobility agreement are indicative of the evolving dynamics of global labor markets and the aspirations of workers seeking economic opportunities beyond their home country.

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