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Kumkum Bhagya Serial 20th December 2022 Written Full Episode Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 20th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kumkum Bhagya: The episode starts with Ranbir meeting Sid and asking for forgiveness. Sid goes to Ranbir and tells him that he is sorry. He says I know you might be hurt and that you don’t want me to marry Prachi. Ranbir asks her to go out with him and tell him when she said these things to her. Sid says he wishes he could make you feel good. Ranbir throws water on Sid’s face and asks if mom and dad scolded you for my mistake.

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Sid nods. Ranbir asks him not to punish Prachi for his actions. He says I am very upset and I don’t want Prachi and her marriage to stop even after knowing that I am a better person for her. She says I am the child and Prachi is like my toy, which I let go away from me. He says Prachi won’t get tears from his eyes and if it happens I’ll draw blood and you know whose. He asks her to leave.

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Shahana takes Prachi aside and says this is a new hospital and no one knows you or Rhea, and says they will do DNA testing. She says that Rhea or Aaliya cannot check anyone here and asks Prachi to do the job before she leaves. Doctor says they can take Rhea home, she’s fine.

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Aryan thinks the pillar should have fallen on Rhea’s head. Then he thinks it should have fallen on Prachi. Vikram asks what happened. Aria says how did the pillar fall? Vikram says the rope may have been slack. Aryan tells how Rhea became Bua ki pari. Vikram says jealous. Rhea tells Aaliya they are leaving, this marriage shouldn’t end. Pallavi, Vikram and others come there. Rhea asks about Prachi and Sid. Vikram says they must be with Ranbir. Rhea says to call them in the parking lot.

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Sid says Shahana’s idea was good. Prachi says Rhea will do something and says she feels bad for the family. He says if they could try then. Shahana says then we will prove we did it because of impotence. Prachi says that no one will believe Rhea and understand that she is not pregnant. She tells how we will ask you to take the test. Sid says an angry young man will help us. Prachi says why he will help us. Sid says I’m thinking.

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They see them go. Prachi goes to Rhea and asks if she is ok. Rhea asks her not to mess up her hair and not to be illiterate. Aaliya asks Rhea to come. Ranbir sees Sid smiling and asks what happened. Sid says you show machismo in front of him and says you asked me to take care of Prachi. He asks if Rhea’s pregnancy report has come in and says her condition is like since even though she has chicken at home. Shahana asks Prachi if he went to beat Rhea. Prachi says she pulled strands of Rhea’s hair.

Ranbir approaches Rhea and tells her that he hasn’t seen the DNA report. Rhea says that Prachi’s baby has been proven to be Sid’s. Ranbir says I’m talking about her baby and says I haven’t seen her report. Aaliya says she is lost. Ranbir says when the report comes, we will read it. Vikram asks why are you behind the report. Ranbir says I will see what the result is. Aaliya says Rhea is hurt and that she will rest. Ranbir says I insist on it being tested and says I request it. Prachi says you are the father of Rhea’s baby and says they will test Rhea when she insists.

Aaliya says Rhea will rest. Pallavi asks him why he is against this test. Prachi says we will support Ranbir when he requests. Dida says what’s the matter, since they are in the same hospital. Rhea says it’s not good. Shahana asks him to take the test. Rhea tells him to shut up. Ranbir says that until the reports come, Prachi and Sid’s marriage will stop. Pallavi questions what he is saying, given that the reports do not arrive in advance. Vikram and Dida want Rhea to be tested. Pallavi asks Rhea to be examined by the doctor who treated her earlier.

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Pallavi asks the Doctor to take a DNA test. Doctor says his staff left for lunch and will be back in 1 hour. Aaliya is happy. Rhea says they will go home and have the wedding. Prachi says it will be an hour before we get home. Pallavi says let’s go home. He says Rhea will come with Ranbir for the test. Aaliya says she will go.

Prachi says it will be better if Ranbir leaves. Aaliya argues. Shahana says that Prachi will also get Aaliya’s blessings. They go home. Prachi asks Shahana to tell mom to send Rhea with Ranbir to get tested, if he is with her we don’t need to test anything. She says I took a strand of hair for testing. Rhea sees Ranbir standing on the stairs. He falls. Prachi runs to him and scolds Ranbir for falling from the ladder. He says I won’t be with you and asks him to take care of himself.

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