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Anupama 25th December 2022 Written Episode Anupama Serial Cast

Anupama 25th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on Trendworldnews.com

Anupama Written Update

Anupama prepares little Anu before little Anu leaves school and promises to visit her school in the evening for a dance. He then sees Leela fighting Barkha and Dimpy and wonders what happened. Barkha says that Leela is insulting Barkha for changing Pari’s clothes. Leela says she doesn’t need a stranger’s help. Barkha says that Dimpy is also a family member like Leela. Leela says Barkha will leave this house anytime.

Anupama says that Barkha and Dimpy are her family and Leela can’t say bad words to them, she and Anuj consider Dimpy as their daughter and it will hurt her if Leela hurts her. Leela says what will she say at Anupama’s house and tells Anupama that Pari is her duty and she should take care of Pari while she takes care of little Anu. Anupama says that is why she stayed at Shah’s house last night. Leela orders her to comfort Pari as she is only a police officer. Anupama consoles Pari.

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Pari enters Adhik’s room while he is preparing for office and tries to help him. It falls, he catches it. Barkha passes by and gets angry seeing this. He asks Pakhi if she really knows the meaning of breakup, which she does in Adhik’s room. Leela comes in and asks what a woman would do in her husband’s room, why is she interfering in their love. Barkha came out angrily. Leela asks Adhik and Pakhi when they know that the enemy is there, why don’t they close the door. He closed the door from outside and left. Adhik went to the post. Pakhi thinks that Leela said it is an opportunity to convince Adhik.

Anupama Cast

Anupama sees Dimpy cleaning her ghungroo for the upcoming dance lesson and thanks her. Dimpy asks why Leela doesn’t like her. Anupama says she doesn’t know, who doesn’t like people for no reason. Dimpy says maybe because of his accident. Anupama says it is Leela’s problem if it is cheap, Dimpy should enjoy life. Dimpy said it was fun managing the two families together. Anupama says that she is worried that a small problem will turn into a big problem and that whenever the two families meet,

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something will happen. He prays to God for anything to happen at this time. He heard Leela and Barkha fighting again. Leela shouts at Barkha and says that if she had not intervened between Pakhi and Adhik today, they would have reconciled their differences. Barkha says that she has such a cheap mentality that even her grandson is cheap to enter Adhik’s room even after vacation. Leela says that Adhik’s fame would not have been ruined if Pakhi was with him. Barkha says that Pakhi’s intentions are same, she knows Leela’s and Pakhi’s intentions and enters the house smartly. Leela says Anupama brought them here and asks when Anuj and Anupama have no problem so what is bothering her.

Anupama full episode today

Anupama runs to them and asks what happened. Leela asks her to tell Barkha not to spread poison in Adhik and Pakhi’s life. Barkha says Anupama should tell Leela and her family to behave like guests and Pakhi to stop entering Adhik’s room. Their argument continued. Anupama asks them to stop fighting and asks if they can’t stand each other, they must stay with each other.

He sends Pakhi and Dimpy and asks Barkha and Leela not to turn his house into a war zone. Barkha reminds her that Anuj is angry with her and asks her to stop letting unnecessary guests come between her and Anuj. Lelara screams in the Bakrha hurts Anikama against it and make the Pakhi in Adhik. Aniplama asked her to stop now. Leela goes and shouts that he brought her to this house to humiliate her.

Anupama remembers Barkha’s warning and calls Anuj. Anuj takes the call. Anupama says she wants to hear her house being called. Anuj says he did well. Anupama says she will stop the call. Anuj asks if he is fine. Anupama says yes and hangs up. Anuj thinks it is good. Leela complains about Hasmukh against Barkha and Anupama.


Hasmukh asks him to stop. Leela shouts why Anupama brought her here if she wants to humiliate her. Hasmukh says that Leela forcefully entered Anupama’s house. Leela says what she would have done when Anupama brought Pari here. Hasmukh says they can’t console Pari, they came behind Anupama. Don’t say let’s go.

Hasmukh says let’s go. Don’t be silent. Hasmukh says what happened now, why is he causing trouble here when he didn’t speak at Dolly’s sasural; he should keep quiet at least until Vanraj, Kaya and Kinjal come back. Don’t look at the book that screams. Vanraj calls Hasmukh and asks where they are as no one picks up the phone. Hasmukh says they are with Anupama.

Samar sees Dimpy wearing Anupama’s ghungroo and compliments her. Dimpy says she is trying to be happy, so train her brain to be happy. Anupama passed. Samar asks her to click her picture with Dimpy for a poster. He is doing himself in Samar. Leela got angry when she saw that. Anuj is going home. Hasmukh wraps it up and says he will make tea for Anuj, then Anuj can calmly explain what happened in his office today.

Anuj gets emotional and says that it reminds him of his father. Anuj makes tea while chatting with Hasmukh. Little Anu is coming home. Anuj happily ran towards her. Little Anu enthusiastically explains how she and Anupama like to dance at school, and the teacher asks Anupama to act in the film. Anupama says they will set the place on fire.

Leela brings Paris. Little Anu eagerly tried to touch Pari’s hand. Leela beats him to leave Pari. Little Anu said she wanted to show Pari her shiny pen. Leela asks Anupama to cook dinner for Hasmukh and leaves.
Anuj is sad to see Leela’s behavior.

Anupama full episode today zee5

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Anupama Written Update

Anupama Zee Tv Serial

Anupama Cast

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