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Potential Perjury Charge Looms for Former Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Manhattan prosecutors are considering the possibility of charging Allen Weisselberg, the former chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, with perjury in connection with his testimony at Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud trial. This development comes as a significant legal concern for Weisselberg, who has already faced legal troubles related to tax evasion and is currently on probation.

Weisselberg’s Testimony and Potential Perjury Charge
Weisselberg testified for two days at the civil fraud trial, where he faced questions about allegations that Trump misrepresented his wealth on financial statements provided to financial institutions. His testimony, characterized by frequent claims of not remembering or not recalling details, has drawn the attention of prosecutors, who are now evaluating the possibility of a perjury charge.

Uncertain Outcome and Potential Ramifications
While a decision on charging Weisselberg is not expected to be immediate, the prospect of facing a new criminal charge could have significant implications for the 76-year-old, including the potential for additional jail time. This development also raises questions about the impact on Weisselberg’s ongoing financial ties to Trump, who has been covering his severance and legal expenses.

Separation from Trump’s Criminal Case
It’s important to note that the inquiry into Weisselberg’s testimony is distinct from the criminal case brought against Trump by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. This case, scheduled to begin in late March, pertains to allegations of falsifying company records to conceal hush money payments. The potential perjury charge against Weisselberg is unrelated to this separate criminal proceeding.

Weisselberg’s Legal History and Previous Testimony
Weisselberg’s legal troubles stem from his involvement in a tax evasion scheme, for which he served time in jail and later testified as a prosecution witness. His testimony, carefully crafted to avoid implicating Trump, has been a subject of scrutiny and has now led to the possibility of a new legal challenge for him.

The potential perjury charge against Weisselberg adds another layer of complexity to the legal saga surrounding the Trump Organization and its former executives. As the investigation and legal proceedings continue, the implications of this development on both Weisselberg and the broader legal landscape remain to be seen.

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