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Power cultivation

There are three things in existence: creation, subsistence, and destruction. They are also called creation, maintenance and destruction. Although they operate automatically, in the absence of power neither creation nor maintenance nor destruction is possible, for power is the root cause of the existence of the world.

Even the smallest task can not do without it. This is the reason for the importance of Shakti Sadhana in Indian culture. Goddess Durga is worshipped twice in the year. The acquisition, conservation and utilisation of power are its objectives. Just as life is not possible without power, so also self-welfare and public welfare are not possible without its protection and use. Demons like Ravana acquired various powers through their penance, but neither protected them nor utilized them. That is why those forces proved to be disastrous not only for the people but also for the Appa.

This is the main reason for the difference between the Deva and Danava culture. By this, a human being also becomes a demon and the demon also becomes a god. Therefore, the main purpose of power is its beneficial use in the public interest.

Energy is the central force of the universe and the basis of its movement. That is why there is unlimited energy in the particles of creation, which man has also acquired in various forms. With its planned and welfare use, the world can be made more beautiful than heaven by achieving a rare goal.

This is also the motive for the victory and defeat of humanity, but its increasing misuse in the world is a matter of concern. That is why man today suffers from the greatest of the three kinds of sufferings caused by external influences, because they all result from the immoral use of power. Without lokamangala bhava, ‘shakti “only causes misery. Therefore, the significance of Shakti Sadhana for the victory of humanity lies in its use.

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