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Robbie Williams Net Worth In 2022

Is it worth Robbie Williams Net Worth?

Robbie Williams is a British born musician with an estimated net value in the region of $300million. While he began his career with Take That during the 90s however, he soon became more successful as an individual artist. He is among the most successful British artists of all time , with more than 75 million albums sold across the world. Robbie Williams once set a new record in the world by selling 1.6 million concerts tickets one day. Through his entire professional career Robbie Williams has won numerous accolades.

Robbie Williams Net Worth:

$300 Million

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Is it worth Robbie Williams’ Net Worth?

Robbie Williams is a British born musician with an estimated amount in the region of $300million. Although he first began his career with Take That during the 90s but he was much more successful as an independent artist. He is among the most successful British artists ever with more than 75 million records sold globally. Robbie Williams once set a new world record by selling 1.6 million tickets to a concert in one day. Through the time of his career, Robbie Williams has won many accolades.

Robert Peter Williams was born on February 13, 1974. He was born in Stoke-On-Trent, England. Born to parents who ran the pub. Williams first attended Catholic school, but later switched to a dance school. In his school days, Williams performed in many musicals which included Oliver!


At 16 years old, Robbie Williams joined Take That. At first, Williams had very little creative control over the music of the group and he even sang the lead vocals on several of singles. Then, he started disputing with the manager of the group Nigel Martin-Smith over the rules he was required to adhere to as a member in Take That. Furthermore, Robbie Williams was being exposed to alcohol and drugs at an early age due to being pushed into the industry of music.

When he died in 1994 Williams had a close-to-an overdose of drugs in the year 20. In the time between, Robbie had completely given up any attempt to provide any innovative suggestions, since his ideas were repeatedly rejected. He was disinterested with the group, turning up late (or completely absent) during rehearsals and engaging in hostile behavior towards the other people in the group. Take That were concerned he would not be reliable on the upcoming tour, and they basically told that he should leave the group.

Williams quit Take That in 1995, and the group lasted for an entire year without him, before they disbanded completely. Even though Robbie Williams was immediately interested in pursuing a solo career but the contract he signed with Take That proved to be problematic. A clause stipulated that he could not release any solo work until Take That officially disbanded, and he had to pay $200,000 commission after Martin-Smith sued him. It was in 1996 that Williams eventually managed to end the contract he had signed With Take That and sign a new contract together with Chrysalis Records.

Williams Robbie’s solo career began strong, and he debuted the cover of George Micheal’s “Freedom.” The single did well throughout the UK and also launched Robbie’s career as a solo artist. He debuted his debut album, Life Through the Lens. The album included the smash song “Angels,” which remains his most popular album in the UK until today. The track was instrumental in helping the debut album to sell over 2.4 million.

Then, Williams released the album I’ve Been Looking For you in the year 1998. The album was strong James Bond theme and included the hit song “Millenium.” It was Williams his first top-seller in charts in the UK charts. The year 1999 saw him made a tour across both the US as well as Canada in order to launch his latest album and to gain recognition within North America. North American market.

Robbie Williams finally achieved international success after the release of Sing When You’re Winning in 1999. In just a week Sing When You’re Winning was certified two-times platinum. Williams then released Swing When You’re Winning, which featured versions of Frank Sinatra songs. The album, however, Williams was still failing to make an impression in the US The sales of the album were not as good in America.

in 2006 Robbie decided to take a completely different direction with his first electro-pop album, dubbed Rudebox. While the album was well-loved and was able to achieve 2 times platinum status, it was not received well reviews. The album was released in 2009. debuted an album called Reality Killed the Video Star. He put in a lot of effort to get back on the radar during this time, appearing as a contestant on X Factor to promote his new singles.

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