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Jenna Jameson Net Worth In 2022

How much is Jenna Jameson’s networth as well as her how much is her salary?

Jenna Jameson is a retired adult film actor and businesswoman with earned a total net worth of 5 million dollars. Jenna Jameson earned her net worth while working as an adult actress. She was also a co-founder of an adult-oriented company named Club Jenna.

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She created Club Jenna in the year 2000 with her husband, at the time Jay Grdina. The company began by offering diary entries, tips on relationships and advice on stocks and stocks, along with pictures and videos.

The company eventually evolved into a web-based multimedia business that offered merchandise and adult films that starred Jenna and other actor and actress. Jenna’s most prominent roles have been performed with other women, however she has performed quite some with males too. Jenna has also produced films, like, “Jenna’s Provocateur”.

Early Life

Jenna Jameson was born Jenna Marie Massoli on April 9, 1974, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The mother of Jenna Jameson (a Las Vegas Showgirl) passed away from melanoma at the time Jenna was still young.

Her family relocated into Arizona in the state of Arizona and Montana. She lived with her mother and was often involved in beauty pageants as a kid. She also attended ballet classes throughout her early years.

Jameson began to use drugs during high school and was hooked for four years of heavy drug use. Jameson graduated Bonanza High School and worked briefly at Disneyland Resort. Jameson found a job in The Crazy Horse Too strip club and was earning $2000 a night within six months.

At at the start of her dance career, she was referred to as Jennasis. The year 1991 was when she started taking photos of herself naked with the aim of getting into Penthouse.

Film Career

Jameson made her debut in an film that was erotic in 1993. It was a non-explicit soft core film written by Andrew Blake. Jameson quickly gained attention and began appearing in a variety of adult films that were filmed in the Las Vegas area.

She cured her addiction to drugs by spending some time at home with her father as well as grandmother. Then, she moved in Los Angeles and lived with another actress of her age, Nikki Tyler, whom she was also in a relationship at that time.

Jenna was offered an exclusive deal to Wicked Pictures, a small production company for adults in 1995. The contract paid Jenna $6,000 per one of the eight films during her first year. “Big Blue” from 1995 “Big Blue” was her first big budget production.

Both the film as well as Jameson received numerous prizes from the three main industries. In in 2001 Jenna made $60,000 daily and a half filming. She also earned the equivalent of $8,000 per night working at her part-time job at The Strip Club. As of 2008 Jenna was able to retire from the world of adult film.


In 2000, Jenna and her boyfriend-at-the-time (soon-to-be husband) Jay Grdina, co-founded ClubJenna, an internet adult company. It was among the first companies of its kind to offer more than just pictures as well as videos but also also blogs as well as relationship advice and basic advice.

The initial ClubJenna films included Jenna herself, however by 2004, she had taken a step back from her role in the films and had let other actors take on the lead roles. The website sold directly videos that featured Jameson along with other ladies or Jameson or Grdina.

The company eventually expanded to employ 18 employees who created products, videos, and content and managing traffic on the internet for many prominent adult-oriented domains. At its peak, the business was reported to have generated between $5 and $15 million in revenues.

In June of 2006, ClubJenna was acquired by Playboy Enterprises for an unconfirmed $25 million. In 2005, Playboy purchased ClubJenna Inc. for an unconfirmed amount of $25-50 million.

His brother Jim Grdina would later sue Jay and Jenna for claiming that the latter was an investor in ClubJenna and was not entitled to the full proceeds generated by the sale. He also filed a separate lawsuit regarding a loan of $250,000 made in 2003 to aid the couple’s purchase of Penthouse Magazine.

The brother claimed that he had only received half of the loan when the offer was not accepted. The brother claimed to have loaned his wife and her husband $275,000 back in the year 2006, which was not returned.

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