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Anupama 17th January 2023 Written Full Episode Update

Anupama 17th Jan 2023 Written Episode Written Update on Telly Updates

Toshu in a smug way, argues in arrogant disagreement with Vanraj and Vanraj that Vanraj makes mistakes, but Toshu is the only one to be punished. Vanraj insists that Vanraj is wrong, and that only Toshu is right , according to Toshu. Vanraj apologizes to Kinjal for indirectly or directly asking her to accept Toshu and then asks her to not forgive at any cost since he doesn’t merit her. 

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He apologizes to his parents for the fact for having to forfeit their entire life’s earnings and jewelry due to Toshu. Leela declares that she isn’t happy as her jewelry is being used to support the family as she requests him to leave and gift the jewelry she has for Jayanti Bhai. Vanraj is carrying a jewelry box in nervous hands and leaves of the house. Toshu follows Vanraj.

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Anupama, Anuj, and Little Anu return to home in their cars after visiting a dairy factory after which Kinjal is called by Kinjal Anupama and is emotional. Anupama inquires if everything’s good. Kinjal who is a bit emotional declares that everything is fine, then disengages from the phone. Leela is crying that the calendar of everyone is changing, but it is not their destiny and they face the consequences for their actions in the present life.

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 Hasmukh cautions her to not reveal to Anupama about the matter. Leela declares that she will not since Anupama explicitly refused to help them. Little Anu informs her parents she loves a an actual factory tours today. Anuj claims that it’s his most memorable excursion since they are both together. Anupama appears to be upset over Kinjal’s message and doesn’t understand what’s going on at the home. Anuj is aware of her emotions and asks if she would like to go to Shah home. 

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Anupama is not interested because she has to learn to not violate a boundary. Little Anu wonders why the family return home in a scooter. Anuj states that tripling isn’t permitted on bikes. Anupama with her long talk highlights the importance of smaller getaways, smaller gatherings with the family, and a need to spend time with your family.

Pakhi is upset by Hasmukh Leela’s situation and wonders If Adhik is trying to help their family with money, she should provide emotional support for them at the very minimum. She is unsure and asks Hasmukh to push his head. Hasmukh states that her brother needs her. Pakhi is trying to soothe Samar. 

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Samar feels guilt for earning less and is unable to support his family. Pakhi insists that he does what is possible and helps his family, unlike Toshu and her, who add to the stress of their families. Samar is a tender hugger. Little Anu presents Maya’s gift. Anupama wants her to make a call to Maya to be her aunt. Little Anu states that Maya has asked her to contact her MaaYa. 

Anuj sees the message from Maaya on the gift card that she and MaaYa will remain together for eternity and is concerned. Anupama suggests that maybe she didn’t intend to convey that.Vanraj returns home after paying Jayanti Bhai’s loan. Pakhi gives him water and advises him to not to be worried as Adhik is on his way to meet his lawyer and has arranged for money. Vanraj requests that she not do this, as their presence as an emotional strength is sufficient for us. 

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Vanraj talks about his emotions and claims the house was heaven up until Anupama was home. And As Hasmukh has said, Anupama was their house’s Laxmi and now that she has left the wealth and happiness is gone. Leela believes he’s correct, and then she says she is angry at Anupama for not being supportive of Toshu and claims Anupama certainly cursed them prior to leaving the house.

A message from Dimple Samar If everything is fine. Samar replies with nothing positive. Little Anu with her parents enters and is ecstatically hugging Dimple. Dimple is also happy to see the two and vows to make the hot cocoa for Anu. Little Anu states that she needs a to call first. She calls MaaYa. Dimple wants to know if her friend has a cell phone. Anuj tells her that MaaYa has a phone.

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MaaYa is an older woman. Dimple informs Little Anu that she should be able to call elders by their names. Little Anu declares that MaaYa was the one who taught her to address them by their name. Dimple questions the aunty that is teaching indiscipline for Little Anu. MaaYa is waiting eagerly for Little Anu’s phone call. Little Anu informs her parents that MaaYa’s cell phone is not available. Dimple wonders what is the problem with MaaYa and how did she remember the number of MaaYa. 


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Little Anu declares that MaaYa was able to get her number by heart. Anuj wants to know whether MaaYa received her number in a heartfelt manner to just Little Anu or to all children. Little Anu states that she is the only one and begins chatting with MaaYa and describing the things they did together with their parents. Anuj is concerned and demands Anupama to find out who is this MaaYa. Anupama uses the phone and talks to MaaYa however, MaaYa is disconnected from the calls. 

Anupama Parameswaran xxx

Anuj demands that she redial. Anupama gets the phone disconnected. Little Anu declares she would like to chat with MaaYa more. Anuj agrees and brings the girl to her bedroom to refresh. Anupama believes that this is MaaYa.

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