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Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2023 Written Full Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 17th Jan 2023 Written Episode Written Updates on Telly Updates

The episode begins beginning with Dida and Pallavi handing out laddoos for everyone who is in hospital. Shahana and Aryan appear in the room. Shahana states that Ranbir received the cakes. Pallavi and Dida say that laddoos are essential to spread the good news. Aryan states that we’ve done a lot of work that is not necessary to make the knife. 

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Shahana promises to be celebrating with cake and laddoos. She claims Ranbir said the family that Dida as well as Pallavi aunty will make the cakes. Pallavi wants to know which is the cake? Shahana declares all 9 cakes. Aryan claims that she took her 9 months to finish. The cakes were cut. Dida assures them that they will not have a bad look. 

Aaliya is able to hear them and says she’s not the one to go to seven houses, but she’s Aaliya and does not quit her family. Shahana comes to her and offers a cake. Aaliya is happy and leaves. Dida receives the call from Vikram and requests him to get older as a tiny angels came to their home. Aryan claims Dida should not have made this comment and tells Pallavi that she’ll get older too. Pallavi states that she’s thinking to contact Rhea since this joy was brought to her life thanks to her.

Kumkum Bhagya Cast

Aaliya was the one who destroyed everything. Pallavi calls Rhea and informs her that Prachi was the mother of one daughter. She then tells her she is now Maasi. Rhea feels happy. Pallavi invites her to the hospital to wish Prachi. Rhea states she isn’t able to come and she asks pallavi to send a wish to Prachi. Pallavi invites her to come and forget about the past and rejoice in the joy. Rhea is crying. 

Kumkum Bhagya

The call is over. Pallavi states that I’d like to be there, that if Rhea had not done this the call, she would’ve been there with us to celebrate. Ranbir displays the pendant with moon and star on the chain. He tells him that it’s meant for our daughter. She claims it’s like her birthmark. Prachi is irritated and says she believed it was meant for her. She claims she’s laughing she asks Ranbir to take her. Ranbir holds the baby and puts her Prachi’s hand. He puts her on the pendant and chain and says that the baby won’t get any issues with her.

Kumkum Bhagya Serial

Aaliya is there as Nurse and claims that the doctor has asked her to inject her. Prachi says Doctor didn’t say. Ranbir says that you are in too much pain, so do it. Aaliya gives her injection. Prachi faints. Ranbir calls her, and assumes she slept because she was exhausted. Aaliya Then she pierces an injection into his neck, and he falls immediately. The baby begins crying. Aaliya helps the baby to sleep and then holds her hand in her.

Dida and Pallavi offer cake to all. One patient is eating the cake. Nurse attempts to contain her. Pallavi as well as Dida thanks them both for their joy. Shahana and Aryan invite Pallavi to dance. Aaliya says to the baby she is gorgeous and that she won’t apply black tika on her, but instead kiss her. She says that she really loves her and that she had planned to visit here in order to see her. She claims that you’re gorgeous as Rhea Maasi. 

Kumkum Bhagya Episode

She asks, did you know Rhea Maasi? She didn’t come to meet you. She tells me that I’ll make you speak to her via phone however I don’t have a telephone. She suggests we call your Papa’s number. She gets Ranbir’s phone, and wonders about the phone’s password. She believes that the password could be connected to Prachi and claims she is sharing the birthday with Rhea. She states that Prachi does not have a match with Rhea and has no grade. She calls Rhea on Ranbir’s mobile. 

Kumkum Bhagya Telly Update

Rhea answers the call and tells Ranbir congratulations on the daughteryou had in mind, you’ve always wanted a daughter. She adds Ranbir I am so thrilled and delighted. She tells me that I am sorry, but I’m unable to meet baby since I’m planning be meeting Buji. Aaliya accepts it since the baby and I are in the same room. She claims she came to meet her niece’s daughter. She also claims she is cute even more so than you. 

She wishes her well. Rhea questions what are you doing? Aaliya states that I was thinking you would be delighted to hear from me. You have changed your sides completely and are now enmity towards me. If you hadn’t changed your mind, then Ranbir will be in prison with his family Prachi’s baby would’ve been born with a broken heart and she’d have to be working in many homes. She claims that because of your actions,

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I killed Pragya along with my Bhai also passed away. She says that as punishment for three murders? hang-penalty. Rhea stops her car and is shocked. She declares she is not Buji. Aaliya says that I was thinking to contact you, since you she was released from prison. Rhea claims that you eloped out of jail. Aaliya says that everything I’ve done was on my own, and that I will complete it by myself only. She claims that she will take her baby along. Rhea is confused. She yells and cries. Aaliya insists that she doesn’t shout, and tells me to send them to dreamworld They are deep sleep. 

She says that I am not able to make the time to do this right now, but I’ll call you back later. She closes the call. Rhea decides to contact Pallavi. She contacts Pallavi however, she discovers that she is dancing with the crowd. Rhea claims that I need to help prachi’s baby, she is like my daughter. I will protect her from Buji. She says , my daughter, I’m not going to let any thing happen to you. I’ll save your life, I cherish you because you were not born.

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Aaliya promises her the baby girl that she will get her away from this mess , and she’ll draw everyone’s destiny. She invites her to join her and tells her to let go. Baby wants to see her Mummy one time and requests Prachi to meet her baby one once. She says that your mommy isn’t in her right mind I allowed her to see you. 

Kumkum Bhagya Aaj Ka Episode

She claims you and I have made me take this step. She claims I told Ranbir to get married Rhea and that If you had gotten married to her, this girl would be my Rhea and I would have been her dear Buji. She says you didn’t want to marry Rhea and says that your daughter will be punished for what you’ve done.

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