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Enjoy Netflix Anywhere: 3 Ways To Download your Movies or Shows.

Netflix has a huge collection of films and TV shows that you can stream on demand. However, if you’re traveling or on your way to work and need to get to work, it’s sometimes difficult to connect to a reliable internet connection. If you’re not able to access the internet or prefer not to make use of mobile data to stream or downloading shows, you can download them prior to when you’re in Wi-Fi.

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Netflix began offering downloads in November 2016 and has stepped up its capabilities to download since. Now , you can alter the settings of your Netflix settings to enable automatic downloads and deletions when you’ve completed watching a film or show, as well being able to download an unlimited number of new downloads so you can ensure that you always have something to stream offline.

  • Discover how to download Netflix content manually, and learn how to modify your download settings to enable Netflix to manage it automatically for you using Netflix’s Smart Downloads features. To learn more, read the secrets of Netflix’s menu and read our reviews of all streaming services.

How can I download Netflix films and TV shows?

If you’re familiar with Netflix on your mobile device, then you’ve likely noticed that dark “Download” button which sits just above “Play.” When you click that button, it starts downloading an local version of the film or program you’re interested in.

It is possible to Download Netflix programs and movies for iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon Fire devices, as and computers running Windows 10 or 11 and certain Chromebooks as well as Chrome boxes. Netflix downloads are configured by default to use only Wi-Fi, but you can alter this within the app’s settings.

There’s yet no Mac application for Netflix as of yet, which is a shame it’s not possible to download on Mac notebooks (unless you’re using Windows also).


Television show episodes can be downloaded separately through the download icon that appears next to every episode. On Android devices you can download an complete season TV show by clicking the Download Season button located beside the My List Rating and Share buttons at the top of the movie or show’s listing.

Netflix lets you keep up to 100 downloads across the number of devices included in the subscription plan. Each download comes with an expiration date different depending on the content’s license some expire within 48 hours after the time you first begin.

watching. Downloads can be renewed however some are limited on the number of times they can be renewed per year. If a film or TV show is removed from the Netflix service and all downloads associated with it will immediately expire.

You can erase individual movies and shows by removing the checkbox next to each one. You can erase all your downloads by going to your app Settings and selecting “Delete All Downloads” in the Downloads section.

There’s a “Downloads” tab (called “My Downloads” on Windows) which is located on the bottom on the Netflix app will show you what downloads you have in your library, and allows you to play them. You can also customize the settings for downloading including Smart Downloads.

What is Netflix’s Smart Downloads work?

The Netflix Smart Downloads option provides an simple way to keep track of the shows and movies you’ve downloaded. It basically has two options for downloading — the Download Next Episode option and Downloads for You.


When it’s turned on, the Download Next Episode feature will remove episodes of TV shows after you’ve watched them. Then, you can take the first episode to download within the season. This is a must-have feature for those who download television shows. This is the reason why the feature is enabled as a default feature in Netflix applications.

Within the Windows Netflix app, toggling on Smart Downloads allows you to download Next Episode however it’s not listed as an individual feature.

What can Netflix’s downloads do for You?

Downloads for You broadens your automatic download and deletion options available for Netflix which are included to Download Next Episode. It is available in Netflix’s iPhone, iPad and Android versions of the Netflix app and also on certain Chromebooks or Chrome boxes.

Once Downloads for you is enabled, Netflix uses your viewing habits and preferences to download TV and movie shows it believes you’ll enjoy. When you’ve finished watching the content, it’s deleted.


If you don’t wish to play a downloaded movie then you can erase it the same way as you can delete downloads that you manually started. It is also possible to click the symbol of the square that is surrounded by a broken circle in order to end downloads that are that are in the process. Downloads for You works only on Wi-Fi.

To enable Downloads to You go on the smart Downloads Settings (via either the Downloads tab or the App Settings) and toggle on Downloads for You.

By turning on the feature, it will allow you to choose choices to limit the amount of data Netflix will download on every profile of a user, ranging between 0.5GB up to 9.5GB. (Netflix states that an hour of video in normal quality is around 0.25GB.)

What shows and movies aren’t available to download from Netflix?

If a TV or movie show is available to download on Netflix is contingent on the license to use the content, and these licenses differ from title to title. Netflix claims that it strives to provide as many titles for download as is feasible however, if a film or show isn’t downloadable, it’s usually due to three reasons:

  • Another company owns exclusive rights to content
  • The rights to the content cannot be purchased.
  • Cost, popularity or seasonal variables

A quick review of the most popular Netflix titles will reveal that every one of the top 10 films as well as the Top 10 television shows from the US are accessible for download as of October. 3.

In my informal study the titles I came across as the most likely to be banned from downloading are TV shows that are popular on broadcast or cable networks. “Grey’s Anatomy,”” “Gilmore Girls” and “The Walking Dead” are three shows that are able to stream through Netflix however, they are not available for download.

Can I view Netflix streaming in any nation?

It’s dependent on the fact that Netflix has the license to stream content in the country where you’re located for the show or movie you’d like to see.

The restrictions on streaming rights in some countries can also be applied to downloaded movies or TV programs. If you’re in the country that Netflix does not show the film you downloaded you’ll not be able to stream it even though you’ve already downloaded the title in your country of origin.

When trying to view the downloaded film in the country that Netflix doesn’t have it will give an error message appearing in the Netflix application: “Download Not Available in This Country — Not all downloads are available for view in all countries.”

VPN software which creates virtual private networks is a way to circumvent geographic restrictions, however Netflix will do everything to stop VPN from using its service. When using the VPN to bypass geo-blocking may also be considered to be a violation of Netflix’s usage terms.

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Three Ways To Download your Movies or Shows.
Three Ways To Download your Movies or Shows.