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Kamaal hi kardi tumne tooh: Virat Kohli has high praises for rapper MC Square who won MTV Hustle 2.0

Virat Kohli is well known for his love of music. However, it was revealed recently that he is a big fan of Abhishekbaisla aka MC Square who won the reality talent show MTV Hustle 2.

The surprise DM came from an Indian cricketer. Virat and Square exchanged texts that quickly went viral. Square shared the screenshots a few days back.

In his text, Virat wrote, “Bhaisahab Kamaal hi kardi tumne to. Wah.” “Shukriya Bhaiya has been a fan from the beginning. Square wrote back Din Bana Diya to him,” Virat replied.

Virat blessed the young singer with his blessings and replied, “Khush Raho. Lage Raho. Naina ki Talwar Maine 100 Baar sun Liya Kam se Kam. Kamaal”. Virat’s gesture won many hearts.

A social media user wrote, “Kohli the best,”

“How sweet. Another one wrote Ek hi Dil Hai Kohli Sahab Kitna Jeetoge.

MTV Hustle 2.0 featured rappers. They pitted underground rappers across the country against each other in rap battles.

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