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Twitter could reach one billion users per month in 12-18 months Elon Musk

What would you say if we told you Twitter is planning to break the billionth mark of monthly users within the next 12-18 months? If you’re not convinced consider it for a second. The reason is that the new Twitter head Elon Musk from SpaceX along with Tesla Twitter tweeted on the subject subject matter, including highest sign-ups ever, drops in hate speech impressions and the next-generation Twitter 2.0.

Twitter En-route To One Billion Users

Elon Musk posted on his Twitter account that Twitter is well on its path to surpassing one billion users over twelve to 18 months. The tweet was followed by infographics explaining how Musk made this idea.

The infographics reveal an increase in the number of new users signing up for the platform. It’s at an all-time record, with two million new sign-ups every day on average over the week ending on the 16th of November. It’s an increase of 66% from the figures that were recorded last year, when Twitter was in full operation.

Musk shared that the user active minutes on the platform were all-time high as well with daily active users (DAU) reaching a high of 254 million.

In an internal document that The Verge got their hands on, Twitter saw a spike of 20% in monetizable daily active users (MDAU) since Elon took over the top hat. It further adds that Twitter was able to surpass the quarter billion mark w.r.t. mDAU during the current period. During the last period, Twitter reported a 237.8 million mDAU mark.

Surprisingly, the numbers are rising even after certain big companies left their advertisement channel to show ads. For instance, Audi has asked all automobile companies to stop paid ads on Twitter until further notice. Audi as a group consists of some of the biggest automobile makers such as Porsche and Volkswagen among others.

Twitter tagged ‘Stop Toxic Twitter’ is responsible for forcing advertisers to step down from showcasing paid ads on the platform. Musk added that once they have resources, they will entrust such entities as well.

The stats posted by Elon shows a considerable drop in hate speech impressions as well. It is currently at all time low compared to the same timeframe last year. Twitter saw hate speech impressions peaking at 10M twice over the last year.

What’s More In The Pipeline?

Elon teased Twitter 2.0 dubbed as ‘The Everything App’ that gives access to a lot more. It within be something in the lines of WeChat, which is hugely popular in China. It will feature longform tweets, payments, encrypted direct messages, advertising as entertainment, video, entertainment and the launch of Twitter-famed subscription service Blue Verified.

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